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White County School District

Georgia's White County School System saves IT time and costs with BOSS products and services

White County School District

White County Public School System is responsible for six schools encompassing Kindergarten through 12th grade. Located in Cleveland, Georgia, the system is comprised of 3,800 students, more than 7,500 devices and 40 servers. Director of Technology for school system, William Sperin along with his team of seven technicians oversee every aspect of technology to ensure that all of the systems across the schools run smoothly.

During his 14 year tenure, William has been responsible for many large IT projects at the school system. In his quest to move to a more secure infrastructure, he chose to partner with BOSS for a project to migrate all systems to an Active Directory environment.

BOSS made the transition smooth and easy, trained their staff and gave them the knowledge to manage things in the future.

"From a network administrator viewpoint, you don’t want just anybody accessing your systems. We felt confident and comfortable with the expertise of BOSS" says William.

When BOSS was in the process of migrating the network, they demoted one server and promoted another to the AD domain, the school system did not experience any operational interruptions, William explains.

"The entire IT team was like WOW! We just did it! No downtime and a very smooth migration. It exceeded my expectations."

In making the environment more secure, BOSS supplied all the necessary scripts and set up the group policies that restricted both students and teachers.

BOSS also implemented Support Central Service Desk for the school system to assist the IT team to monitor and repair machines, track all requests from teachers and make sure nothing be neglected or overlooked. IT staff can now track all orders and requests received from the teachers, as well as being able to remotely deploy software across the network.

William said "The benefits of implementing the BOSS solution have included time savings, much more accurate reporting, quicker issue resolution, instantaneous IT inventory and increased network security."

In the same year as working with BOSS, the State of Georgia required that 30% of students take the GA State testing online. This required them to install a client on each of the computers used for the test, disable VNC and modify the adobe settings. White County Schools used BOSS Support Central to exceed these requirements and achieved 100% of their students taking the online tests. With the use of Support Central, they were able to install the client required to run the test and also silently make the necessary setting modifications for each of the computers. They were also able to remotely install the testing application to multiple machines at the same time. A process that would typically have taken two or three weeks, touching every machine in the district, took them just three days, and were able to install remotely to a 1000 machines in the district. It was a very smooth process. For a typical school system without a solution like BOSS, it would have taken several weeks and a lot of physical travel to complete this task.

This was a great ROI to the school system and according to William, "This solution would be a great asset to any school system."

William Sperin notes the quick support that BOSS supplies to the school system whenever needed.

"In one instance, our active directory seemed to be crippled. The BOSS technicians discovered immediately that a remote server in one school was down and creating havoc across the network. They saved us a lot of heartache and frustration by diagnosing and resolving the problem very quickly. Every time we have had a need, BOSS has been very responsive. We recently had a project to install VMWare for which BOSS again assisted us. Not only did they come on site, they helped us set it up and trained our staff. Ever since partnering with BOSS the benefits have been huge. Without the support of BOSS, we would have needed at least two additional employees to complete the many new projects we have implemented over the last few years."

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