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Oberweis Dairy Improved Service Delivery, Efficiency and User Satisfaction with BOSSDesk

Customer Overview

Oberweis is known for its premium ice cream and dairy products, and its oldfashioned glass bottle home delivery service. The company continues to expand home delivery in the Midwest and on the Eastern Seaboard together with a wholesale market. Oberweis has over 1,000 employees working in 45 retail stores selling ice cream, burgers, and pizzas, 8 distribution centers and employs a fleet of delivery trucks and drivers working all shifts.


Oberweis was looking for a modern help desk solution to replace their existing system and required that it had a comprehensive feature set, offered easy access to support teams, and catered to the unique needs and technical skill sets of a diverse community. The solution had to be intuitive, intelligent, mobile friendly and allow for a high degree of ticket automation.


Oberweis conducted a wide search and BOSSDesk was selected due to its ease of use, and customizable Service Catalog that allowed department to configure service request to address their specific needs. The powerful ticketing capability linked to routing rules and monitors allowed Oberweis to simplify and automate processes across the organization The BOSSDesk software was installed, configured and operational in 4 days.


BOSSDesk saved Oberweis significant time and effort and the automated processes and made things much simpler and more efficient. BOSSDesk enabled the service request experience to be customized for the specific needs of each department or function. Examples of where BOSSDesk helped the most.

  • Creation of a Service Catalog for use by all Departments. The easy-to-use Service Catalog and forms allowed employees to request support for numerous issues. In addition to requests for IT Support, employees at a store are able to submit maintenance issues, product complaints, customer complaints, and other service requests.

  • Ticketing with Routing Rules and Monitors allowed for Process Automation. The powerful ticketing capability linked with electronic forms, routing rules, and monitors allowed Oberweis to automate service request functions. Tasks could be assigned and approvals requested from the appropriate authority. Security on tickets could be fully controlled and Watchers could be specified to monitor ticket requests. Canned response saved considerable time and effort.

  • Knowledgebase provided self-help for employees and improved efficiency. The Knowledgebase capability allowed different content can be targeted for each group of users and content could be totally customized with text graphics and videos. A copy feature also made the creation of content much easier.

  • Customizable Dashboards for Improved Management and Responsiveness. The BOSSDesk dashboard is highly customizable with numerous widgets allowing technicians to view at a glance status of tickets, distribution across teams and individuals as well as the status of contracts coming up for renewal.

Watch the webinar recording of the implementation.

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Oberweis Dairy

"BOSSDesk embodies common sense logic to simplify Service Request Management. It just works the way you expect it to work."

Bob Gruett

Network Administrator at Oberweis

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