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Revolutionizing Healthcare Operations: Lane Regional's Journey with BOSSDesk

Customer Overview

Lane Regional, a prominent community hospital located just north of Baton Rouge in South Louisiana, boasts nearly three decades of commitment to healthcare excellence. With Todd Walters at the helm, a healthcare veteran of almost 30 years, Lane Regional embarked on a mission to modernize their operations. Their partnership with BOSS Solutions aimed to overcome challenges and usher in a new era of efficiency in healthcare management.


Before adopting BOSSDesk, Lane Regional faced multifaceted challenges in their healthcare operations. The utilization of an outdated help desk ticketing system posed limitations despite its historical effectiveness. The need for modernization became crucial, requiring a transition to the latest version of BOSSDesk. This leap in technology brought forth a significant learning curve, demanding careful consideration and strategic implementation to ensure a seamless transition. The shift from an outdated IT ticketing system to the more advanced BOSSDesk was essential to overcome these challenges and enhance the efficiency of their healthcare support operations.


Lane Regional's journey with BOSSDesk unfolded with a meticulous approach to addressing their challenges.

Comprehensive Ticketing System Overhaul:
The implementation process commenced with a two-to-three-month overhaul of the help desk ticketing system. Collaborative sessions were conducted with internal teams, including the help desk, system admin, clinical, and interface and report writing teams. This laid the foundation for a comprehensive ticketing system, streamlining workflows and reducing resolution times.

Flexible Service Catalog Templates:
BOSSDesk's flexibility was harnessed to create service catalog templates, automating the routing of tickets based on predefined criteria. This granular approach ensured that each ticket was directed to the appropriate team, minimizing manual triaging and optimizing efficiency.

Efficient Inventory Management Integration:
The integration of BOSSDesk with Active Directory significantly streamlined the inventory management process. Automatic capture of device details, such as hardware specifications and software installations, ensured a real-time and accurate representation of the hospital's diverse inventory.

Custom Fields for Epic Implementation:
Recognizing the need for seamless integration with the Epic health record system, Lane Regional added custom fields to capture detailed device documentation. This customization facilitated a smooth transition to Epic and enhanced the overall efficiency of healthcare operations. The strategic use of ticket management system customization and integration keywords reflects the tailored approach Lane Regional took in implementing BOSSDesk to meet their specific needs.


The implementation of BOSSDesk brought about a profound transformation at Lane Regional, reshaping the very fabric of their operational landscape. This evolutionary shift transcended mere procedural enhancements, ushering in a new era of operational excellence and healthcare efficiency.

Granular Ticketing System Efficiency:

  • The tailored service catalog templates reduced back-and-forth with end-users, leading to a substantial improvement in ticket resolution times. Lane Regional now operates with a finely tuned ticketing system that aligns with the specific needs of their healthcare environment.

Streamlined Inventory Management:

  • The integration with Active Directory provided Lane Regional with a dynamic inventory management system. Detailed insights into hardware and software configurations empowered the hospital to make informed decisions, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Customized Fields for Enhanced Documentation:

  • Custom fields added for Epic implementation and detailed inventory management allowed for precise documentation. This not only facilitated compliance with regulatory audits but also significantly improved training initiatives.

Optimized Workflows and Collaboration:

  • BOSSDesk's granular and flexible nature enabled Lane Regional to customize workflows, reducing operational inefficiencies. Collaboration across different departments was streamlined, leading to improved communication and collaboration.

The holistic impact of BOSSDesk's implementation at Lane Regional echoes beyond immediate efficiencies, laying the foundation for sustained growth, resilience, and an exceptional standard of healthcare service delivery. Looking ahead, Lane Regional plans to leverage BOSSDesk's flexibility for continuous improvements. This includes additional custom fields for technical dress rehearsals and further enhancements to reporting capabilities.

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Lane Regional Medical Center

"It's super flexible where you can customize it to do the things you need it to do and make you more efficient."

Todd Walters

IT Director
Lane Regional Medical Center

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