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Easy To Use, Modern 811 One Call Ticket Management Solution


Trusted By Leading Organizations


One Call Ticket Management

BOSS811 is an affordable, flexible One Call Locate Ticket Management software for damage prevention used by municipalities, utilities, water and sewer, cable, telco, fiber, gas and oil pipelines, and private underground utility locating services responsible for managing 811 dig and excavation requests. BOSS811 helps you streamline utility requests, increase productivity, reduce risks and prevent damages. 


Comprehensive features and capabilities to meet your utility locate ticket needs

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Auto-Clear Tickets

Auto-Clearing tickets based on specific parameters allows the appropriate response code to be returned to the One Call Center without manual intervention.

GIS Integration

Using Google Maps, BOSS811 integrates with GIS Mapping Software and ESRI products such as ArcGIS, and supports Keyhole Markup Languages (KML/KMZ).

Driving Directions

Driving directions allows the user to create the most efficient route to locate the tickets.

Dashboard & Reports

BOSS811 provides real-time access to data and analytics to stay compliant, avoid penalties and improve accountability and efficiency.

Advanced Screening

BOSS811 has a powerful routing engine for implementing workflows and enables you to preprocess tickets as they are received.


BOSS811 allows you to create and automate notifications based on the specified rules.

Manifest Generation

Manifest Generation allows you to create a sketch of the onsite markings which can be sent to the excavator and stored with the ticket.

Map-based Workflows

BOSS811 provides added flexibility and ease of use by providing award-winning, innovative Map-based workflows for operators.


Many more features to improve efficiency, save costs, and meet objectives and business needs.


With you wherever you’re going.

BOSS811 mobile apps provide your locators with the tools to effectively respond to excavator requests and identify the location of underground facilities.


Transform the way you manage 811 One Call tickets

Optimize and Automate Processes
  • Auto-close tickets

  • Return the appropriate response code to the One Call center without manual intervention

  • Integrate seamlessly using Google Maps and GIS integration with other mapping software including Esri products such as ArcGIS

  • Experience greater flexibility with our support for Keyhole Markup Languages (KML/KMZ)

Stay Compliant and Improve Accountability
  • Stay compliant with your Positive Responses to the call center

  • Visualize your data using our state-of-the-art customizable dashboard

  • Stay on top of your metrics with a variety of analytical reports

  • Generate and send a manifest with a sketch of the onsite markings to the excavator

Enable On-The-Go Workflow 
  • Provide your locators with the tools to effectively respond to excavator requests with BOSS811 mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • Upload dig site files, videos, and pictures as attachments to the tickets

  • Insert annotations with uploaded attachments with sketching tools and a text editor

Streamline Ticket Management
  • Operate efficiently using map-based workflows

  • Enhance ticket locating with integrated maps

  • Generate driving directions 

  • Use advanced screening to pre-process tickets as they are received 

  • Locate tickets on-the-go with mobile apps

  • Access via Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Set up user roles and permissions

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"I couldn't be more impressed with this software. It's simple in design and easy to use. The field employees like it and management appreciate all the reporting and alert functions."

Jason D.

Director Public Works


One Call ticket management for streamlining locate requests


BOSS Solutions provides BOSS811, one of the industry’s leading damage prevention ticketing systems.


BOSS811 One Call ticket management helps manage excavation requests quickly and efficiently.

Pipelines & Gas

BOSS811 helps keep gas and utility pipelines safe with an industry-leading damage prevention solution.

Locate Contractors

BOSS811 is used by utilities locators to locate and mark underground utilities.


BOSS811 Plans


Single Call Center Integration

20 Users

Dashboards & Reports

Data Widgets

Reports on Custom Fields

Simple & Advanced Search

Email Notification with Custom Templates

Push Notifications

Facility Map integration (20)

Tickets Assigned by Map Areas