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Customers can rely on BOSS Support Services to provide the most effective support in the industry. We have expert staff to help you address people, processes, data, and technology challenges to gain a competitive advantage.

Software Engineers


BOSS Solutions will get you up and running quickly with our team of experts. Our approach to product implementation is to work with the customer to design a solution specifically tailored to your needs and objectives.


Our methodology ensures the use cases and capabilities that are most important to your business are correctly deployed, resulting in faster time to achieve the desired results.


Our implementation process is outlined below and if required can be modified during the kick-off meeting.

Our process starts with a Project Kick off, review and planning meeting with stakeholders to understand the project goals, timelines and identify team members from both sides.


This meeting can be conducted onsite or online and we would review requirements and processes, match solutions with needs and identify resource needs from both sides. A project plan will be drawn with project execution, tasks & timeline.

In this phase, we will set up the production and test environment and configure the system to meet your requirements. Once the plan is set, a weekly project review meeting is held to gauge progress, apply any modifications and make adjustments to meet desired timelines.


The BOSS team will provide the application and train admins to set up the configuration. We prefer having the Customer team take up as much of the configuration as possible as it will equip your team to be more effective in making configuration changes going forward.

We will help implement the service management process with the service catalog. This will be based on customer goals, processes, and the level of automation required.


Tasks addressed include Service Level Management, Service Catalogs, Knowledge Management, Routing, Email Notifications, Email Postboxes / Mailboxes (Email2Ticket), and Reports.

Run the BOSS Solution in parallel to the current system and verify data for accuracy if client requests. Then Go Live!

Colleagues Working in Office


BOSS Solutions believes in empowering customers with proper training and helping them realize an excellent ROI. We include an estimated cost of online training for technicians and administrators in our proposal.


We can also provide onsite training, train the trainers training and can create customized training to suit specific customer needs. For users we have online webinars and user training videos.

BOSS Solutions provides online training for technicians and administrators. Administrator training includes general configuration, workflow/routing, setting up queries, reports, and mobile apps. Technician training includes general set up, setting up escalations, hands-on ticket flow, timesheet & reports.

BOSS Solutions can also deliver any of our training services onsite for an additional cost. Based on customer requirements and our experience with prior installations, training can be tailored and customized to meet specific customer needs. BOSS Solutions will also provide advice and guidance on ITIL best practices. Training materials will be prepared to meet customer needs.

A train the trainer approach can also be an effective way of ensuring that everyone gets the right information for a successful implementation. BOSS Solutions will provide a train the trainer course for an additional cost and will supply the necessary training materials that can be customized to meet the customer needs.

For users of our solutions BOSS provides webinar recordings that can be viewed online and based on interest, and we also create videos for user training that can be made available online.

Analysing data

Professional Services

All BOSS products incorporate an award-winning User Interface that allows our customers to easily configure and implement our solutions with the minimum amount of training.


Our Professional Services team is dedicated to helping our customers plan and implement more advanced capabilities that allow customers to realize even more value and effectiveness from our solutions.


These Professional Services include migrating data from legacy systems, creating custom reports beyond those that are configurable in the system and integrating with ancillary systems via API’s.


Our Professional Service team will help you achieve successful outcomes whether you are a new or existing customer.

Many of our customers require that their ticketing data and other information be moved from their legacy system to the BOSS Solution and our Professional Service Team can undertake that task.


The team has considerable experience with migrations and will work with the customer to understand their needs and provide an estimate or the service.

Although our BOSS Products provide extensive reporting capabilities that can be configured on the system, many customers require Custom Reports that are unique and specific to their instance. The Professional Services team will work with the customer to understand their needs and provide an estimate or the service.

BOSS Solutions Products can be integrated with any third party application using the Application Program Interface (API). Many customers can undertake the integration themselves using the documentation provided with the API or our BOSS Professional Services team can work with the customer to have the desired integration done for them.


The BOSS Professional Services team has considerable experience with integration with Remote Desktop Software Solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems together with many others.

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Get up and running quickly combined with training to ensure an excellent ROI.

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