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Customizing Compassion: BOSSDesk and Project Home's Non-Profit Success

Customer Overview

Project Home, a nationally recognized organization based in Philadelphia, is dedicated to providing housing opportunities, medical care, education, and employment support to unsheltered and low-income individuals. Rooted in the belief in the dignity of each person and the transformative power of community relationships, Project Home has been making a significant impact for almost 35 years. Their mission focuses on empowering adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, creating a safe and respectful environment for self-esteem, recovery, and self-actualization.


Project Home encountered a plethora of challenges in efficiently managing its multifaceted operations. From housing solutions to education programs, medical services, and outreach initiatives, the organization grappled with a wide array of issues, spanning from training questions to critical incidents. The intricacies of supporting multiple lines of business, each with unique needs, highlighted the necessity for a flexible and robust help desk ticketing system.

The existing system, heavily reliant on emails and a shared inbox, fell short in delivering the efficiency and accountability essential for a seamless operation. The absence of a dedicated ticketing system for IT hindered the organization's capacity to address the myriad challenges it faced. Ensuring timely responses, tracking and monitoring issues, and fostering collaboration across departments emerged as crucial hurdles that demanded a comprehensive solution.

In essence, Project Home required a ticket management system that could adapt to the diverse needs of its operations, streamline IT ticket systems, and provide a unified help desk ticketing system. This would not only address the current challenges but also pave the way for improved communication and collaboration across the organization.


To address these challenges, Project Home implemented BOSSDesk, leveraging its capabilities to streamline workflows and enhance staff support. The flexibility of BOSSDesk allowed for customization at both the organizational and departmental levels. Specific solutions included:

Flexible Ticketing System: The implementation of a versatile ticketing system provided the flexibility needed to manage diverse requests—from routine inquiries to mission-critical incidents.

SLA Management: The establishment of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensured timely responses, holding each department accountable for addressing and resolving issues within specified time frames.

Centralized Help Desk: BOSSDesk served as a centralized help desk, replacing the previous reliance on emails. This streamlined the submission and tracking of tickets, offering a more organized and efficient approach.

Automated Workflows: The automation of workflows, as demonstrated in HR processes and incident reporting, significantly increased efficiency. Customized workflows at the departmental level tailored the solution to meet the unique needs of each business line.

Knowledge Base Creation: Analyzing tickets allowed the creation of a knowledge base, empowering staff to find solutions independently. The emphasis on self-service contributed to faster issue resolution.

Mobile Access: The introduction of mobile access enabled staff to collaborate and communicate on the go, promoting flexibility and responsiveness.


The implementation of BOSSDesk at Project Home resulted in transformative outcomes. The organization experienced:

  • Efficient Workflows: Streamlined processes and customized workflows led to increased efficiency across departments, reducing response times and improving overall productivity.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Real-time communication and collaboration were facilitated, breaking down silos and ensuring transparent information flow.

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: The integration of incident reporting into BOSSDesk provided invaluable data analytics. Trend analysis and ad hoc reporting enabled informed decision-making and proactive process improvements.

  • Improved Staff Support: A centralized help desk, self-service options, and customizable reporting significantly improved staff support, contributing to a more empowered and engaged workforce.

  • Accountability and Visibility: SLA management and automated notifications enhanced accountability, providing leadership with visibility into ongoing processes and potential bottlenecks.

In summary, BOSSDesk not only addressed Project Home's specific challenges but also became a comprehensive solution that aligned with the organization's mission and values.

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"We leverage BOSSDesk not only to empower our staff but to move the organization forward."

Ron Patterson

Vice President of IT

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Customizing Compassion: BOSSDesk and Project Home's Non-Profit Success

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