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Luxury Redefined: How The Breakers Transformed Operations with BOSSDesk™ ITSM and Help Desk Software

Customer Overview

The Breakers, a prestigious luxury resort and hotel located in Palm Beach, Florida, has been a longstanding customer of BOSS Solutions, leveraging the BOSSDesk™ Help Desk Ticketing System to ensure operational excellence. Renowned for unapologetic luxury, seaside glamor, and world-class service, The Breakers caters to high-end clientele across its expansive property, which includes luxury apartments known as Breakers Row. With a commitment to excellence in service delivery, The Breakers sought to streamline ticket management, asset tracking, and facilities maintenance operations to enhance guest experiences and operational efficiency.


Before transitioning to the BOSS Solutions suite of products, The Breakers grappled with a myriad of operational hurdles that stemmed from outdated systems and manual processes. Analog, paper-based methods for tracking maintenance tasks and work orders were the norm, contributing to inefficiencies and errors in service delivery. This outdated approach not only resulted in delays but also compromised the accuracy and effectiveness of maintenance operations.

The IT department contended with the limitations of legacy systems impeding the department's ability to address technical issues promptly, hampering overall productivity and user satisfaction. Moreover, the absence of robust asset management and lifecycle management solutions left The Breakers exposed to operational vulnerabilities, compliance and security issues.


The Breakers implemented BOSSDesk™ IT Service Management. The comprehensive suite of solutions offered by BOSSDesk proved instrumental in addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by The Breakers across their diverse operations. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of BOSSDesk's help desk ticketing system, The Breakers transitioned from cumbersome manual processes to streamlined, automated workflows, thereby enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of their IT department. The integration of BOSSDesk facilitated seamless ticket management, enabling The Breakers to prioritize and resolve service requests promptly while maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the process.

The robust asset management and lifecycle management functionalities of BOSSDesk revolutionized the management of physical and digital assets at The Breakers. By centralizing asset tracking and maintenance processes, BOSSDesk provided The Breakers with real-time visibility into their asset inventory, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing the risk of downtime. The integration of BOSSDesk with existing systems further enhanced data accuracy and accessibility, empowering decision-makers to make informed choices and optimize resource allocation.

The adoption of BOSSDesk facilitated seamless coordination and execution of maintenance tasks and work orders within Breakers Row and other operational areas. The intuitive mobile app functionality of BOSSDesk enabled maintenance and security technicians to access and update information on the go, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the customizable nature of BOSSDesk allowed The Breakers to tailor the solution to their unique requirements, ensuring alignment with their organizational objectives and workflows.

The transition to BOSSDesk was so smooth and seamless that it pretty much overshadowed any issues that existed. One of the greatest benefits from the transition was the user experience for both the Breakers team and the end users that place support tickets.


The adoption of BOSSDesk™ at The Breakers has yielded significant benefits across various facets of their operations:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The transition from manual, paper-based processes to automated workflows facilitated by BOSSDesk has streamlined operations, reducing administrative overhead and accelerating task execution. Within the the ticketing system itself they have been able to really customize and get granular to the specific needs of the different teams within the help desk thereby improving operational efficiency across the board. Issues are now taken care of speedily. Instead of filling out manual forms, they now raise a ticket or fill up a form online which is assigned to the right tech and gets escalated as needed for quick resolution. As a result, the turnaround time, not just productivity, has vastly improved.

  • Improved Service Delivery: With the implementation of BOSSDesk's Help Desk Ticketing System, The Breakers has achieved faster response times and resolution of IT issues, leading to improved user satisfaction and productivity by setting up triggers and alerts within the ticketing system. They have been able to focus on specific alerts, setting up SLAs and making sure all triggers are firing off at the right time, ensuring that they get proper alerts when needed. This helps them prioritize incidents and has vastly improved the resolution times of incidents and the user satisfaction that comes with it.

  • Optimized Asset Management: The robust asset management capabilities of BOSSDesk have empowered The Breakers to track and maintain their diverse assets effectively, ensuring optimal performance and longevity while minimizing downtime. BOSSDesk helps with license management and also with PCI compliance for all of Breakers credit card devices and point of sale machines. If any system is down it allows them to keep track of the device and repair or recycle it, ensuring they follow the full life cycle management processes. Effective asset management is achieved by pulling all available devices into their system with an Active Directory scan so they get a real time view of what is going on with each device. They also have the BOSSDesk Dell warranty integration which gives them visibility into which devices are under warranty and which ones have warranties that have expired. They even scan in devices manually, like cash registers that are not on the network. They are also able to track mobile devices which makes a huge difference. They have a wide range of mobile devices like iPads, credit card devices and point of sales systems. It's imperative that they track and manage all devices and pieces of equipment for PCI compliance.

  • Proactive Maintenance: By leveraging BOSSDesk's incident management  features, The Breakers has transitioned from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies, mitigating risks and enhancing operational reliability. They specifically use BOSSDesk for all of their maintenance requests as well as recurring tasks by creating alerts based on triggers. The facilities management team uses BOSSDesk to monitor recurring issues, to schedule tasks, like changing out A/C filters, and to track plumbing or electrical maintenance issues.

  • Effective Life Cycle Management and PCI Audits: The team at Breakers uses BOSSDesk for effective lifecycle management and PCI audit compliance. As far as the life cycle management aspect, they can make decisions like which device needs to be recycled based on the status of the scanned devices at any point of time. They also have visibility into how many devices they have on the floor at any given time, where they are located and track their movements. This has been a huge benefit to them as they can go in and find out how many credit card devices they have in storage, or how many they have at one of their restaurants like the Seafood Bar at any given time. When a the devices is in need of repair, they can update the status in real time. This information comes in handy when they are doing their audits to be compliant. As they are actively monitoring devices, the lifecycle management is simplified and they can easily figure out what needs to be recycled or repaired. This is of course a cost saver but more than the financial aspect, they save a lot of time and effort when figuring out what happened to each device.

  • Real-time Visibility: The centralized dashboard and reporting functionalities of BOSSDesk provide The Breakers with real-time insights into their operations, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives. They pull all available devices into their system with Active Directory so they get a real time view of what is going on with each device. They also use the scheduling feature in BOSDesk for both tickets and reporting. This helps the IT Manager to go over the ticket SLAs based off of reports and makes sure that all high priority requests are attended to in a timely manner. He can make sure that they are monitoring all devices, following good lifecycle management, and stick to compliance metrics which help them with auditing adherence.

  • Mobile Accessibility: The intuitive BOSSDesk mobile app enables facility maintenance and service technicians to access and update information on the go, improving responsiveness and agility in addressing service requests. Technicians on the floor all have an ipad, and they can handle ticket requests on the go. It is a game changer, saves time and improves their efficiency.

  • Customization and Scalability: The customizable nature of BOSSDesk allows The Breakers to tailor the solution to their specific needs and scale it as their operations evolve, ensuring long-term relevance and value. An excellent example of scalability is the implementation of BOSSDesk at Breakers Row which is a group of  private residence buildings and a part of the Breakers community. The success of BOSSDesk at the Breakers led to extending BOSSDesk to Breakers Row for facilities management. Their manual tracking methods have been automated with BOSSDesk. They use it for tracking all of their maintenance requests as well as recurring issues and scheduling regular maintenance tasks like changing out A/C filters, plumbing, electrical and anything else that the facilities team is responsible for. The technician or the service person are able to look into the resident's history of issues then provide quick resolution. BOSSDesk helps them respond to and take care of resident’s requests quickly and efficiently which has significantly improved customer experience.

Benefits of implementing BOSSDesk:

The implementation of BOSSDesk at The Breakers exemplifies the transformative power of modern ticketing software and help desk ticketing systems in driving operational excellence and customer-centricity. By embracing innovation and leveraging the advanced functionalities of BOSSDesk, The Breakers has positioned itself as a leader in the hospitality industry, setting new standards for efficiency, productivity, and service delivery.

The biggest benefit has been how quickly and easy it is to get the information they need to be able to respond to. Being in hospitality, people are paying a premium and expect excellent service to go with it. They want every issue to be addressed quickly and it is nice to have all their data readily available so we can provide the level of service that Breakers offers. 

"BOSSDesk™ has been a game changer. It helps us link problems together, find those root causes and fix things quickly." Andrew Romero, Manager - Technology Support Services

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The Breakers Luxury Hotel

"BOSS Solutions' commitment to innovation has enabled us to stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of our organization."

Andrew Romero

Manager - Technology Support Services

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