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City of Yucaipa Improved Service Delivery and Remote Working with a Modern Service Desk

Customer Overview

The City of Yucaipa is located 10 miles east of San Bernardino, in San Bernardino County, California, with a population of approximately 58,000. Framed by the San Bernardino Mountains, Yucaipa's natural environment, with its cleaner air and unique topography, distinguishes its exceptional quality of life.


The City of Yucaipa was looking for a modern cloud based help desk solution to replace and combine some of the functionality provided by their existing and separate systems. They wanted a cloud based solution that was ITIL compliant and a major requirement was to find a solution that was user friendly so everyone could submit a ticket from any site or location.


The City conducted a wide search and BOSSDesk was selected due to its ease of use, advanced ITIL capability and integrated Asset Management. One of the major benefits for the City was the Service Catalog and the easy to create forms. In addition to providing users with the ability to submit IT requests the City is using the system to provide requests for Public Records, Community Service Departments and HR for onboarding. SLAs and Surveys are used to ensure the desired level of customer service is maintained and BOSSDesk has been instrumental in providing support for remote working.


Utilizing BOSSDesk, the City of Yucaipa created a Service Catalog that addresses the service management requirements of the many departments and also used other system capabilities to ensure service level performance as shown below.

  • Information Technology. The Service Catalog was very easy to use for creating forms using the drag and drop interface. New hardware, software, and support requests are managed, priority can be specified and response times tracked against Service Level Agreements.

  • Public Records Request. BOSSDesk helped the City replace a manual paper-based request with an online portal, where the requests and all associated information are captured and tracked through delivery. This enables the City to keep track and respond to time-sensitive public record requests from the City Clerks department.

  • Community Service Departments. BOSSDesk keeps track of inquiries and service requests from Community Service Departments. The service catalogs have made request handling efficient and avoid going back and forth for information.

  • HR Onboarding. BOSSDesk enables the City to order and track all the appropriate equipment software, applications, and permissions needed to support new employees. This results in increased productivity and user satisfaction.

  • Asset Management. BOSSDesk is the system of record for managing all IT assets and managing warranty information on all components.

  • Reports & SLAs. Reports display the status of the tickets and SLAs ensure performance levels are maintained. This has increased the overall accountability and productivity. The inbuilt surveys measure user satisfaction and feedback for improvement.

  • Remote Working. BOSSDesk capabilities, Mobile Apps, and Remote Tools have been instrumental in providing support for remote working.

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The City of Yucaipa

"BOSS really cares for their customers and their support has been excellent."

Jason Underwood

IS Administrator at City of Yucaipa

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