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Chambers Bank Leverages BOSSDesk to operate more efficiently

Customer Overview

Chambers Bank is a regional bank located in Arkansas with 24 branches. Founded in 1930 as Danville State Bank, it has remained in the Chambers family since its founding. Chambers Bank’s mission is to improve the financial well-being and the quality of life for all their customers in the communities they serve. With over $1 billion in assets and growing, Chambers Bank has been helping their community for 90 years.


Prior to implementing a ticket management solution, Chambers Bank IT department wanted to update the way they processed IT requests. At the time, they were using a shared inbox which did not provide ownership of tickets or enable coordination. Their first experience with ticket management was with a company that offered many different technology solutions and ticket management was not their highest priority. So when they needed help from the vendor, it took a while for Chambers Bank to receive a response. Additionally, that company incurred a data breach which led the bank’s IT management to explore and implement BOSSDesk.


Chambers Bank selected BOSSDesk for several reasons. First, they appreciated the fact that BOSS Solutions specializes in ticket management. With a US-based support team, BOSS is readily available and easily accessible. Secondly, the BOSSDesk Service Catalog provided a “done-for-you” set of templates to build upon paired with an easy-to-use modern user interface. Additionally, BOSSDesk comes with mobile apps for both iOS and Android which provides technicians with the ability to access, update, upload attachments, and close tickets in the field. Chambers Bank employees adopted the system quickly and are finding new ways to get their work done faster than ever before.


With BOSSDesk, Chambers Bank quickly embraced the Service Catalog extending help desk and service desk capabilities enterprise-wide reducing workloads while increasing the details of the ticket including:

  • Number of Tickets Handled: Increased ticket volume from 200 tickets per month to 800-1000 per month.

  • 2-Click Request Handling: Successfully implemented a “2-click rule” which enables their team to enter a service desk or service request with just 2 clicks.

  • Facilities:  Streamlined facilities management by turning requests into a work list so they can determine if a vendor needs to get involved or if the repair or change is something that can be performed by internal staff. This enables problems to be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Appraisals:  Expanded ticket management to the Appraisal Department and enabled the loan officers to operate independently from all other tickets. The loan department can now create a stream of communication, including relevant documents, and access them at any time.

  • Reg E Compliance:  Expanded ticket management to the Fraud Department specifically for the purpose of developing an audit trail for Reg E disputes compliance. Prior to BOSSDesk, managing fraud disputes was accomplished using secure email, corresponding back and forth with the customer. BOSSDesk provided a coordinated and secure approach to gathering and collecting information from all points of contact – from the customer to the teller to the customer service rep. It was a process improvement success story as it helped them find new ways to get their work done faster than before.

  • Audits:  Enabled the IT department to perform an internal audit with an outside party to ensure they are providing everything as promised. BOSSDesk is now the bank's system of Audit . Using the Advanced Search feature in BOSSDesk, a comprehensive report is provided to Auditors who then go through it and narrow down the instances where more info is required to complete the audit. A pdf of relevant tickets is generated along with the chain of approvals and details with time stamp . This results in an easy and quick audit with a complete audit trail. Everything is done electronically and the audit process is a breeze.

  • Handling Complex Requests: Empowered bank personnel to handle any type of request – from complex detailed requests requiring support documentation to small requests such as expediting refreshments for an impromptu meeting. New ideas for extending BOSSDesk to solve various issues are being explored on a daily basis  and users love the solution. There is great user adoption due to the flexibility of the solution and the fact that the Service Catalog is visually appealing and very easy to use.

Watch the webinar recording of the implementation.

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Chambers Bank

"One of the things we really like about BOSSDesk is the fact that they are a service desk company. They eat it. They dream it. They think it. That's all they think about. The other thing that really impressed us was the workflow automation."

Shawn Kohltfarber

Service Desk Manager

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Chambers Bank

Chambers Bank Leverages BOSSDesk to operate more efficiently

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