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Holt of CA integrates Bots to Improve Efficiency and Service Delivery Across the Organization

Customer Overview

Holt of California is a member of Caterpillar dealers worldwide to sell and service a wide variety of equipment including large and small construction tractors, agricultural equipment, and forklifts. Holt provides jobs for approximately 800 employees and consists of 3 companies, Holt of California, Sitech West, and Holt Ag Solutions.


Holt was looking to enhance its help desk software in order to achieve savings in manpower, improve efficiency and reduce response times. They wanted to automate many processes using bot and app technology including the onboarding of new employees. They were looking for an integrated user-friendly solution that would improve service delivery and user satisfaction across the organization.


Holt upgraded to our latest enterprise service management solution with advanced capabilities and integration with Accenture Bot technology which enabled the automation of new employee onboarding provisioning and saved significant manpower. In addition, Holt was able to reduce response times for other service requests to under 5 minutes. The BOSSDesk Service Catalog was also implemented to improve service delivery in multiple departments across the organization.


The advanced capabilities of BOSSDesk combined with the integration with other bots and apps provided Holt of California with significant savings in manpower, improved efficiency, and enhanced service delivery within the organization. 

Benefits included:

  • Automating the provisioning and onboarding of new employees. Integrating the service catalog and routing rules with Accenture Bot technology allowed Holt to reduce the required time to provide services for new employees by more than 3 hours per employee. A similar approach was used to remove services for terminated employees.

  • Reducing service request response time to under 5 minutes. Using capabilities including SLA’s, mobile apps, and scanning capability, Holt created a Fixit campaign that successfully reduced the time to respond to a service request to under 5 minutes.

  • Improved performance monitoring and user satisfaction. Implementing a customized dashboard, comprehensive reporting, and survey capabilities provided Holt with improved metrics to manage the business.

  • Reduced IT manpower required to support third-party vendors. Using routing rules, external partners that provided support such as printer vendors were able to receive service requests directly from the help desk, thereby reducing the workload on IT while maintaining complete control.

  • Improved service delivery through use by other departments. Expanding the BOSSDesk Service Catalog to manage service requests for other departments including HR, Facilities, Maintenance, and Accounting improved user satisfaction across the organization. Expansion to several other departments is planned for the future.

Watch the webinar recording of the implementation.

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Holt of California

"BOSS has been a great partner and listens to our needs – it feels like a family, and the system works perfectly."

Gail Dryden

Director of Information Technology at Holt of California

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