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The City of San Jose Saves Millions with BOSS811 One Call Ticket Management

Customer Overview

The City of San Jose is an economic, cultural, and political center of Silicon Valley and the largest city in Northern California. With an estimated 2017 population of 1,035,317, it is the third-most populous city in California and the tenth most populous in the United States. The City of San Jose joined the One Call ticket management center USA North in 1989 when the underground service alert law became mandatory.


The City needed to replace an antiquated 21-year-old computer-based One Call ticket management system with a modern system that could better manage their ever increasing demand of service from underground marker and locate crews while providing customized management information to track time, funding sources and ensure compliance with regulations.


The City chose BOSS811 for its One Call ticket management and saved millions! BOSS811 helped position the City to be more efficient and in compliance with regulations. The powerful workflow capabilities of BOSS811 and features such as auto close resulted in reduced labor costs, increased compliance, a better user experience, and improved morale. The customized reporting reduced staff hours and the implementation of geolocation mapping instead of printed map books resulted in significant cost savings.

The City of San Jose is required to provide locate and marking services for many underground facilities including traffic signals, street lighting, communications, recycled water lines, portable water lines, Irrigation, pressurized storm, and sanitary sewers. In 2017 the City processed over 57,000 tickets and projected demand continued to show significant increases. The City was looking to replace its antiquated system with a modern and user friendly solution.


Following the implementation of BOSS811, the City saved over a million dollars and benefited significantly due to:

  • The process reductions and efficiency improvements in the workflow for new/remark tickets resulted in a saving of 4 minutes per ticket.

  • The ability to auto close no-remark/extension tickets resulted in a saving of 1.25 minutes per ticket.

  • The ability to standardize documentation through drop-down menus and toggle boxes combined with the ability to create custom screens to track funding sources and track time saved a significant amount of staff hours.

  • Implementation of geolocation mapping instead of using printed maps or map books saved significant dollars.

Other benefits included data reliability, the ability to rebalance and redistribute the work of locate staff, improved morale, and increased compliance with regulations.

BOSS811 has been an absolutely incredible fit. Everyone at the City who dealt with BOSS has been very impressed with the high level of customer service.

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The City of San Jose

"BOSS811 has been an absolutely incredible fit. Everybody who has dealt with BOSS has been just floored with how good their customer service is."

Brent Erkel

Construction Manager with the City of San Jose

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