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BOSS811's Impact: CenterPoint Energy's Success in Damage Prevention

Customer Overview

CenterPoint Energy has been a leader in the utility industry for over two decades. With a commitment to utility safety and community welfare, they decided to explore innovative solutions to address their evolving operational needs.


Before adopting BOSS811, CenterPoint Energy faced several challenges in managing their utility operations:

Inefficient Ticket Management: Tickets were traditionally sent directly from the call center to locate vendors to carry out the locates. CenterPoint Energy depended totally on the information provided by the vendor on the status of the locate requests and compliance.

Lack of Visibility: CenterPoint Energy lacked comprehensive visibility into it’s locate request operations, including meeting timelines and compliance requirements.

Diverse Operations: Managing utility operations across seven states with different requirements and contract terms was a complex task.


CenterPoint's journey with BOSS811 presented various solutions to these challenges:

Comprehensive Ticket Management: BOSS811 provided CenterPoint Energy with a holistic ticket management system with integration to systems of the locate vendors. This provided real time update on the status of the locate requests and track efficiency and compliance.

Enhanced Visibility: The system enabled CenterPoint Energy to gain real-time insights into the locate request handling.

Alignment with Partners: Collaborating with their locate partners, CenterPoint Energy standardized ticket types and established efficient workflows to ensure seamless operations across multiple states.


The implementation of BOSS811 brought about remarkable results for CenterPoint Energy:

  • Centralized system with BOSS811: All locate requests from all call centers were received by BOSS811 and based on the business needs workflows were created to forward the tickets to appropriate vendors. BOSS811 also developed integrations to vendor systems to get ticket updates instantly from vendor systems. Thus, BOSS811 turned out to be the system of “Truth” with all information centralized. Many informative reports were generated to provide analytics on the performance and measure improvements.

  • Improved Locate Performance: CenterPoint Energy witnessed a significant enhancement in its locate performance, reducing the risk of utility line strikes and delays.

  • Efficient Forecasting and Invoice Validation: The system empowered CenterPoint Energy to be in the driver's seat by providing the vendors with the ticket volume for invoices and saving significant time on invoice discrepancies.

  • Enhanced Documentation: CenterPoint's documentation processes were strengthened, facilitating compliance with regulatory audits and improving training initiatives.

  • Streamlined Processes: The project led to the streamlining of internal processes, reducing wait times and eliminating operational inefficiencies.

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CenterPoint Energy

"I can't say enough about BOSS811 and the partnership we have with them. I can tell you, they know how to take care of their customers."

Tracey Bryant

Manager of Public Awareness and Damage Prevention Standardization at CenterPoint Energy

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