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Transform Your Service Desk: See How BOSSDesk Helped Replace an Aging IT Ticket System

Customer Overview

The City of Albany, Georgia is the seat of Dougherty County, located in southwest Georgia. It is the eighth-largest city in the state. Albany is beautifully positioned on the banks of the Flint River and is the hub of Southwest Georgia for culture, shopping, education, healthcare, and recreation. The City employs 22 IT Technicians supporting 2,300 individual users.


The City had an aging ticketing system that was primarily developed for public works, had limited functionality, did not provide any descriptors for the services offered and was not user friendly. The new CIO wanted to deploy a modern IT Service Desk and Service Catalog solution with controlled visibility that would make it very easy for users to access, report issues and also request the purchase of new items or services.


The City chose BOSSDesk based on functionality and the powerful Service Catalog. The award winning user-friendly interface makes it very easy for admins to create customized forms using a drag and drop interface and allows users to easily request services. In a very short period of time, the new BOSSDesk could be used to provide a wide range of services and the City plans to expand the solution to support other departments for both internal and external users.


It became apparent that BOSSDesk Service Catalog combined with the automation provided by the routing engine could address all the service management requirements of the City namely:

  • A Service Catalog with customizable forms that were very easy to build via a drag and drop interface - no programming skills necessary.

  • Controlled visibility. Security and privacy are assured since each user group will only be presented the forms that are deemed appropriate for their needs and user permissions and privileges can be set based on their department, class of users, or Active Directory security group.

  • The ability to copy or clone forms for easy deployment of new forms.

  • Video, graphics, and files could be added to forms.

  • The ability to create custom forms that can be fully integrated with routing rules to generate appropriate tasks for all parties.

  • The ability to have requests routed for approvals or to approval boards or expense boards when creating the custom form.

  • The graphical user interface with item descriptions that allow users to quickly browse and select service items.

  • The new Service Catalog was able to provide service solution options for many departments for both internal and external users.

The City was impressed with the level of support provided by BOSS Solutions and received instant positive feedback from the management team and users when the new system was deployed.

Watch the webinar recording of the implementation.

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City of Albany

"Superb implementation experience. The support team proactively called each week to offer assistance."

Shuronda Hawkins

IT Systems Administrator with the City Of Albany

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