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AAA Northeast Achieved Simplicity, Standardization and Improved Member Satisfaction by expanding their Help Desk

Customer Overview

AAA Northeast serves 5.8 Million members in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. The company has 3,300 employees, 7 Call Centers, 16 Driving Schools, 11 Fleet locations, 65 branch locations, and more than 165 Support Technicians.


AAA Northeast searched for a Help Desk solution that in addition to managing IT service requests, could also be expanded to support other business lines such as Automotive Services, Driving Schools and other internal departments including Human Resources and Facilities. To ensure that the company provided the best service for members any solution had to be very simple for users and could be standardized across the business lines.


BOSSDesk was selected because of the integrated service desk capability and a Service Catalog with an award winning user-friendly interface. It has been successfully implement across many business lines and internal department and using the BOSSDesk API, integrated with other systems such as SharePoint. With BOSSDesk, AAA Northeast has seen significant time reduction and improved efficiency combined with a faster responses and faster resolution resulting in improved member satisfaction.


Utilizing BOSSDesk, AAA Northeast created a Service Catalog that addresses the service management requirements of the following business lines and internal departments: 

  • Information Technology. New hardware, software, and support requests are managed, priority can be specified and response times tracked against Service Level Agreements. Equipment approvals can now be easily administered and tracked. 

  • Human Resources Onboarding. BOSSDesk enables the company to order and track all the service and equipment needed to support new employees. Tasks and approvals are generated to ensure the onboarding process is as effective as possible. 

  • Automotive Services. Through collaboration with the Automotive Services business line, BOSSDesk automates the workflow of the Automotive Technology, Auto Facilities Feedback Portal, and the Independent Service Provider Application process. 

  • Driving School. BOSSDesk keeps track of processes for inquiries and requests for refunds and adjustments. 

  • Facilities. BOSSDesk is used to submit and track various requests for facilities such as building services, landscaping, maintenance, and cleaning. 

  • Workforce Management. BOSSDesk effectively controls requests for off phone activities, schedule changes and manager overrides. 

  • Change Management. AAA significantly enhanced the change management process by integrating BOSSDesk with SharePoint via an API. More departments are being added to the service catalog and other services expanded and enhanced. 

For more information view the recording of the webinar with AAA.

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AAA  Northeast

"In collaboration with BOSS we were able to expand the Help Desk internally and streamlined operations in the business lines."

David Coté

IT Project Manager at AAA Northeast

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