BOSS Solutions for the Public Sector

Are operational efficiency and service quality improvements part of your Public Sector IT agenda?

Public Sector IT faces continuous regulatory change, scrutiny, budget and manpower constraints. BOSS Solutions for the Public Sector helps counties, cities, school districts, police departments and public sector entities to improve services, reduce costs, and automate the IT lifecycle. BOSS products have been customized to address the specific needs of the Public Sector. It enables public sector IT teams to spend less time on day-to-day mundane tasks managing the infrastructure and more time creating innovative solutions that improve efficiency and the quality of services offered to its constituents.

BOSS Solutions for the Public Sector enables you to implement repeatable, measurable processes for defining, transitioning, delivering, and supporting services and assets throughout their life cycles. By aligning to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, you can utilize resources and control costs more efficiently, while streamlining the workload for your IT staff. Our solution is time tested and helps ensure that your services stay aligned to your business requirements.

The Problem

In the wake of shrinking budgets, manpower and increasing demands from elected officials and taxpayer’s government agencies need to optimize performance and improve operational efficiency to address citizen concerns, loss of funding, and loss of confidence. Asset management begins with an agency’s strategic, procurement decisions and continues through installation, operation, and eventual disposal of an asset. Installation, preventive maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, and condition evaluation are all a part of the asset lifecycle. An efficient IT Service management system is essential to make the operation flow smoothly. Recording all issues, requests and ensuring resolutions in a timely manner is essential for an efficient operation. Bottom line savings come from effective asset management, and those savings contribute directly to an organization’s operating budget.

The Solution

BOSS Solutions for the Public Sector is custom designed to help government in IT Service Management. BOSS brings you years of embedded industry expertise acquired through our long-term partnerships with municipal, county, state, and other public agencies. Our business-specific, integrated solutions help government organizations like yours operate efficiently. BOSS Solutions for the Public Sector provides asset-specific data fields for each asset type. The system is scalable, allowing it to serve anything from the smallest local government agencies to the largest state and federal epartments. The BOSS Solutions provides a comprehensive service desk or work order system for managing all types of incidents, service requests, maintenance work, including scheduled preventive maintenance, and projects. You can configure each process in a workflow format that incorporates milestones for approvals and reviews. Our ITSM solution is powerful and flexible and is being used for employee onboarding, jailmaintenance, purchasing, compliance tracking and more.


BOSS has worked with hundreds of local government customers and we are sensitive to the resource and budget constraints. We understand the commitments you have as a public sector be it City or County government, School system, Police or Sheriff’s department is always accountability, transparency and efficiency. Our very affordable pricing and excellent customer service to ensure your satisfaction by making sure the solution brings in the ROI you deserve. Please read the Forsyth County Case Study to find out how the county benefits from the BOSS solution.