BOSS Solutions for Facilities Management

Are you looking to automate your Facilities Management?

Do you track the repairs and maintenance of your facilities manually? Using paper or spreadsheets to track maintenance work orders is time consuming and inefficient. BOSS Solution for Facilities Management helps you manage all your work orders online. With the BOSS Solutions, you can make sure all issues are tracked and resolved in a timely manner. This helps improve accountability and speed to resolution and Improves the efficiency of day-to-day operation of your facilities. Know where your assets, appliances and equipment are. Have easy access to its warranty information and keep track of its performance.

The Problem

In your organization the cost of managing your facility will take up a major part of your budget and is a time consuming process. Improving operational efficiency in maintenance, utilities, and inventory will result in a huge increase to your bottom line. Timely response to issues can help you save on costs by avoiding expensive repairs. The facilities staff need to have the ability to seek additional help or escalate issues quickly to mitigate risks.

When you are tracking work orders you will need to assign work orders to technicians based on the work load for faster resolution and better ROI. Good reporting is a must have for decision making and fine tuning processes. When you are monitoring work orders in real time, planning is the key. The BOSS Facilities Management solutions is custom tailored and offers you a user friendly and powerful solution to keep track of requests, plan ahead and increase your bottom line.

The Solution

The BOSS Solutions for Facilities Management enables you to receive and assign work requests, schedule and manage maintenance for techs or vendors, record labor and purchase transactions and access all your data via built-in performance reports. Customizing your workflow enables you to automate the approval and assignment of work requests. It gives you the power to manage your facility with centralized requests, automated maintenance workflow, and simple reporting to protect your assets. Easy to implement and use, you will extend the life of your buildings and equipment, decrease liability, and lower operating costs without any significant upfront investment. Identify your assets for each facilities request so you know which items in your infrastructure are also impacted. Allow any user in the system to view all open facilities requests. This gives your users a chance to see the facilities issues that have already been reported before they submit a new request.

Preventive Maintenance (schedule recurring work orders) brings the future into the present by creating daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance schedules. It also generates and automatically assigns planned maintenance work orders. Instead of reacting to situations now you will be proactive and get more out of your investment. When you monitor work orders in real time you will find that planning is the best antidote for panic. With BOSS Facilities Management solutions, extend assetlife and reduce costs. Streamline maintenance operations and plan for future needs.


BOSS has been serving the ITSM needs of customers for the last several years. Our powerful user friendly ITSM BOSS Solutions have been extended to many departments including Facilities at our customer sites. Our experts are armed with industry specific knowledge and have designed user friendly custom templates with Facilities maintenance in mind. Please read the Lexington County Sheriff's Office Case Study and find out how BOSS is used for Jail maintenance.