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Hello Zapier. Meet BOSSDesk!

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Start BOSSDesk + Zapier Integration & Automate Workflows with Apps You Already Use.



Zapier is a premier automation tool used by many. It doesn't matter what role you have within your company, Zapier integrations can help to automate your processes and increase efficiency. No matter the size of your organization, Zapier helps to empower your business with automation.


Zapier currently allows you to access over five thousand apps including Salesforce, Facebook Lead Ads, QuickBooks, ActiveCampaign,  WooCommerce and now BOSSDesk!

No-Code Automation that Scales Business


Start thinking with an automation mindset.

Automation saves you time, reduces human errors, and improves efficiency overall.

Free your team to focus on engaging, productive work, & bring their talents to the table instead of on time-consuming tasks.

Tailor your automation approach using BOSSDesk by creating specific workflows for your teams.

BOSSDesk, an Award-Winning 
Help Desk Solution

Zapier for Teams & Companies

Scale effortlessly with the leader in no-code automation built for growing businesses, small and large.

Minimize Repetitive Tasks

Zapier allows businesses to automate their busywork, giving teams more time to focus on planning and growth strategies.

Trusted & Secure Integrations

Integrations are focused on comprehensive security practices for businesses small and large with BOSSDesk automations.

Create Custom Workflows

Administrative, industrial or any workflow becomes seamless, from initiation to completion with the help and ease of Zapier.

Empowered Automations

Zapier supports over 5,000 applications which means you can connect your tools seamlessly, now and any future tools that are added to your database.

Automated Lead Cycles

Program leads to move through several steps of your sales funnel with one simple workflow and without coding. 

Start building Zaps for BOSSDesk +
Do More with Automation

Keep administration, authentication, and permissions secure.

Empower Your Business with Smart,
Simple ZAP Automations
How Does Zapier work with BOSSDesk?

Zapier works by communicating with Apps 

Communications and conversations flow automatically since Zapier connects 5,000+ apps you can zap away with BOSSDesk.

Next, Select a Trigger of Your Choice

You'll set your own trigger which kicks off the automated process between your apps. Triggers tells us when to run new records for your customized zap settings.

Sit Back and Put BOSSDesk + Zapier to Work for You

A Zap is when your trigger causes an action. After the trigger is activated, your Zap begins to take action or actions, if you want multiple zaps to occur in sequential order.

Let Zapier Drive Your Automations Further with BOSSDesk

Automate with BOSSDesk + Zapier.

Sign up to integrate with Zapier and make repetition a thing of the past!
Zapier Integration Request

Unlock automation with BOSSDesk!

Learn How to connect BOSSDesk + Zapier!

Our technicians are ready to assist you with your setup. Contact us today for fast and simple set up support. 

Automate with BOSSDesk today!

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What should I automate first with BOSSDesk?

Zapier users often automate tasks because they're necessary—and painful to do manually. Instead use BOSSDesk + Zapier's automated workflows and reserve your brainpower for the priorities.


BOSSDesk customers appreciate a reduction of human errors, an increase in time, and improved efficiencies across their organizations, made simple with the help of our integrations.

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Automate the busywork and meet more of your demands with effortless integrations.

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