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Help Desk Ticket Management

BOSS Support Central Help Desk Ticket Management

BOSS Support Central ITIL aligned Help Desk Ticket Management is responsible for managing the lifecycle of all incidents. Help Desk Ticket Management ensures that normal service operation is restored as quickly as possible and the business impact is minimized. BOSS Support Central provides IT teams with complete ticket management capability to efficiently manage all end user related service requests and issues. With the ability to submit service requests via a self-service web portal or by using the integrated email to ticket functionality, end-users can get quick resolutions to any IT related issues. A knowledge base allows end users to get instant answers whenever they need it, which will improve resolution times and also reduce ticket volume. A powerful workflow and routing capability can automate repetitive and complex tasks to both reduce cost and provide a great ROI.

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BOSS Support Central is an effective incident tracking and ticket management solution that streamlines service to internal and external users. The system makes it very easy for users to submit or track service incidents and requests. Multiple departments can manage their tasks independently to agreed service level targets. The product incorporates a powerful workflow or routing engine that enables tickets to be automatically assigned to the appropriate resource.

BOSSDesk Incident Management - Routing Flexibility
BOSSDesk Incident Management - Rounting Engine


BOSS Support Central has a powerful routing engine for implementing workflows and enables tickets to be automatically assigned to the appropriate technicians or teams based on need. The schedule ticket option enables you to schedule tickets in advance for tasks like preventive maintenance, data back up and any other routine tasks. Criteria can be set to automatically escalate and notifications can be sent for tickets that have not been assigned or dealt with in a specified time period.


With BOSS Support Central each routing rule is created in such a way that if any definable condition is matched on a ticket, then a definable specific action can be taken. The definable conditions could range from an entry on a specific form, or a ticket from a certain group or person. Definable action could range from assigned to a specified team, to set a priority, to request an approval. Each routing rule can be set in sequence so that each and every rule can be applied to every ticket.

BOSSDesk Incident Management - Routing Flexibility
BOSSDesk Incident Management - Email2Ticket


The Mailboxes or Email ToTicket feature allows users who want to send an email with an issue rather than entering it manually. Emails to a specific address will automatically create a ticket or work order in BOSS Support Central. You can easily categorize and prioritize tickets and assign them to the right people in your team. The shared inbox enables your team to collaborate and resolve issues. It is very easy to set up and use that you’ll be able to start resolving tickets in minutes.


BOSS Support Central allows technicians to enter timesheets for each incident and timesheets from multiple technicians can also be entered for each incident. Timesheets provide for tracking of expenses by department and whether billable or non billable and reports can be generated to display expenses by the various categories and for the company as a whole.

BOSSDesk Incident Management - Task Scheduling
BOSSDesk Incident Management - Timesheet Tracking


Service Level Agreement (SLA’s) management ensures that goals are met. With BOSS Support Central you can specify the various escalation rules for the required service level agreements and specify the various thresholds required for both a response and resolution of the ticket. BOSS Support Central will automatically escalate the ticket to ensure that appropriate SLA is achieved and produces management reports with performance metrics.


Automatic email notifications can be specified for any changes to tickets in the system. Various forms of notifications can be turned on or off for ticket requesters, agents, teams or watchers. Watchers are those people that have access to watch the progress of any ticket resolution while not being involved in the resolution.

BOSSDesk Incident Management - Email Notification
BOSSDesk Incident Management - User Satifaction Screen


The Approval screen displays the current status of all tickets in the system requiring approvals. Approval requests are assigned as part of the workflow specified in routing. Notification alerts via email can also be specified in routing and sent when approval requests are either accepted or rejected.


BOSS Support Central allows for tickets with similar problems to be grouped together with parent-child relationships for resolution. One ticket acts as a parent and the others as its children. A parent ticket cannot have another parent and a child ticket cannot have other child tickets. One can see all child tickets when viewing a parent ticket, and one can see the parent and associated child tickets when viewing a child ticket. Once the parent ticket is closed all the child tickets attached to the parent are closed.

BOSSDesk Incident Management - Email Notification
BOSSDesk Incident Management - User Satifaction Screen


BOSS Support Central Ticket Templates allow users to create and submit tickets with the required information with the minimal amount of effort. An administrator can create templates with pre-filled information like subject, description and ticket properties. These templates allow users to quickly create tickets and send emails.

Business Value


Technicians can spend less time going back and forth with the user to understand their requirements and therefore improve response times


Giving user easy online access and keeping them informed of their requests can significantly improve user satisfaction


The routing engine can be configured to ensure that the most appropriate available resource is assigned to address each request

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