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Kansas City Public Library provides great customer service with BOSS ITSM

Customer Overview

The Kansas City Public Library (Kansas City, Missouri) encompasses a central library with 10 branches. There are about 700 workstations with 700 used for public access and 300 assigned to library staff.

According to Mark Nordike Director of IT, the library was using a “homegrown” software to track ticket cases based on an Access database, but that the library needed a more robust tool that could also define SLAs (Service Level Agreements).


Nordike said, "When I was first hired, the library was using an in house ticket case tracking system based on an Access database," also "although the library had a help desk, it could not define SLAs and track against SLAs. None of the staff could find cases and no one knew which cases were open." In addition, "End-users were dissatisfied with the time it took to get a case resolved. Opinion of customer service was low"

The library looked at four systems including BOSS Support Central, and did in-house evaluations on three of the products.

"The biggest factors in the decision were the number of key features that BOSS offered at its price point, ease of installation and configuration and ease of support," said Nordike.


After a demo, Nordike evaluated BOSS Support Central including the inventory and licensing management features of the product. Once the decision was made to go with BOSS, the purchase order was issued.

"We had the product installed within two days," said Nordike.

Suri Anantharama, Technology Business Manager of BOSS, conducted two days of on - site training.

"Suri came in for a couple of days of great training. We were able to ask Suri all the questions we had and he was able to answer them all."

Kansas City uses BOSS Support Central in several of its departments to help them track and log issues as they come up. The built - in reports that came with the product were so complete that Nordike hasn’t had to customize any existing reports or create new ones.

Nordike uses the inventory feature of BOSS Support Central in tandem with the Microsoft Systems.


Reports only take a few minutes to print. 70% of cases are now closed within a day. Nearly all cases are now closed within three days.

Our staff is very happy with the product, and its ease in helping them receive and resolve cases.

Opinions of customer service went from low to extremely happy. "On a scale of 1 to 10, I give BOSS a 9," said Nordike, "Only because there is always room for improvement."

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Kansas City Missouri Public Library

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I give BOSS a 9, only because there is always room for improvement."

Mark Nordike

Director of IT

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