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BOSS Solutions Named as Top 20 Most User-Friendly Help Desk System by Capterra

BOSS Solutions is excited to announce that we have been named as a Top 20 Most User-Friendly Help Desk by Capterra, an affiliate of Gartner. The report provides a look at the most user-friendly help desk systems based on their usability, customer services provided, and customer reviews.

Earlier in the year Capterra also named BOSS Solutions as a Top 20 Most Affordable ITSM Software provider.

Help Desk /Service Desk ITSM software is a must for any IT team handling service requests for an organization. The requests may range from simple ones like resetting passwords to managing critical issues like major server outages that may end up paralyzing the operations.

The Help Desk evaluation was scored on the following criteria and BOSS Solutions scored in the top group in every category.


  • Task completion time

  • Clicks to complete task

  • System Usability Score (SUS)*

* SUS - a questionnaire that measures perceived ease of use.


  • Implementation (configuration options offered)

  • Training (resources offered)

  • Support (services offered)


  • Ease of Use

  • Customer Service

* Review scores gathered from across all Gartner Digital Markets (Capterra, GetApp, SoftwareAdvice).

The following tasks were tested to determine user-friendliness.

  • Add an end user

  • Create a ticket

  • Resolve and close the ticket

  • Add a knowledge base article

  • Generate a report

* These 5 common tasks were tested for usability testing.

Founded in 1991, BOSS Solutions provides innovative software solutions to meet the needs of customers in IT Service Management (ITSM). BOSS has built a committed customer base through incorporating ITIL best practices in automating the service management process, combined with a unique commitment to customer support.

Our major products are BOSSDesk that provides IT Service Management on the Cloud, BOSS Support Central – that provides IT Service Management On-Premise, and BOSS811 a one call ticket management solution for the damage prevention industry. For more information visit or call +1 678.684.1200.


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