A Cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for the Damage Prevention Industry

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Call 811 Before You Dig Safe Digging Partner

BOSS811 Benefits

BOSS811 is a cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for Municipalities, Utilities and Locator Companies managing excavation requests. BOSS811 increases efficiency, reduces cost, is easy to use, scalable and highly secure.

SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS Innovative work flow & auto close result in significant reduction in labor cost

GIS MAP INTEGRATION Intelligent map integration makes precise locating easier and reduced damages

Save Time Group locate request for multiple utility types can be combined into a single ticket with multiple response codes.

ENSURE COMPLIANCE Instant access to tickets, reports from anywhere and real-time updates ensures compliance

BOSS811 Capabilities

811 One Call Centers have been set up in each state across the U.S. and Canada to prevent damage to underground infrastructure and ensure public safety during excavations. One Call members such as Municipalities, Utilities, Pipeline and Locator Companies receive 811 "call before you dig" requests that must be tracked, managed, and routed for verification of safe digging procedures. BOSS811, a cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution provides this capability and includes GIS Mapping, and advanced ticket management with a powerful routing engine that make it very easy for users to manage dig requests. BOSS811 Mobile Apps for iOS and Android allow for remote access, and the ability to upload pictures and videos. Sketching tools allow uploaded images to be annotated with site information. Reporting capabilities include a comprehensive array of standard reports and charts, and customizable widgets allow Dashboards to be modified to meet the need of all users of the system. 

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SYSTEM FEATURES & ROUTING A Secure Cloud-based solution with a powerful routing engine to speed up ticket handling and review.

TICKET MANAGEMENT Provides effective control & management of requests coming in from the 811 One Call Centers

FACILITY MAPPING Integrates with GIS Mapping software to displays facility maps that pinpoints underground assets.

DASHBOARD & REPORTING Comprehensive metrics and reports that provide the necessary information to track performance

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SKETCHING TOOLS Annotate uploaded images with sketching tools and a text editor.

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CONFIGURATION, SECURITY & NOTIFICATIONS Provided together with a user friendly configuration interface.

MOBILE APPS Enables locators to access and update tickets, upload attachments from mobile devices.

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  • Thomasville
  • Unitifiber
  • Municipal
  • Savaanah
  • City of Marietta
  • Turnkey Network Solutions
  • City of Grand Rapids
  • Pinpoint

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Featured Industries

Municipalities BOSS811 ticket management has full GIS integration that provides complete and powerful insight of request to dig sites. Ticket distribution and notification is simple and can be sent to field crew staff by email, web interface or mobile app.

Utilities With features designed specifically to make utility operators more efficient, BOSS811 ticket management solution provides valuable information from contractors to increase service level productivity and save on costs.

Pipelines By providing accurate mapping with integrated ticket location information, BOSS811 provides pipeline companies with responsive, reliable and accurate data when they need it. The solution also provides the ability to attach project documentation such as pictures and forms.

Contract Locators State-of-the-art ticket management system for dispatching, compliance reporting and dashboards. Perfect for contract locators of all sizes.

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