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BOSSDesk Asset Management

BOSSDesk Asset Management is an ITIL process responsible for tracking and reporting the value and ownership of assets throughout their lifecycle and provides total visibility and control of all hardware and software assets. The product tracks licensing, purchasing and inventory details of hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure as well as non-IT assets throughout. Once an asset is deployed, the product records all maintenance activity and enables IT to perform regular audits until asset retirement. Hardware and software inventory can be updated on a regular basis and you can perform an array of functions like installing, uninstalling applications, remote desktop management and disk clean up. Mobile apps for iOS and Android allow for remote access for all capabilities.

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The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) stores configuration records throughout their lifecycle. In addition to computers the database can include printers, projectors, cameras, or medical equipment. Detailed asset information such as the owner of the asset, its location, purchase details, manufacturer, warranty and a history of any issues, are all captured and stored in the database. Advanced Search allows the user to various filters to locate specific assets in the database.

BOSSDesk Asset Management - CMDB
BOSSDesk Asset Management - Active Directory & Auto Discovery


Assets can be imported into BOSSDesk in three different ways. They can be imported via Microsoft’s Active Directory which in addition to the initial import allows new assets to be included as they are added to the system. They can also be imported via a CSV file or scanned individually via the mobile application. Auto Discovery of printers and network devices that use the SMNP protocol is also supported. The BOSSDesk Site Agent runs on a customer server and provides all the necessary Active Directory credentials to enable all Active Directory processes.


Hardware inventory can be collected from computers in your network on-demand at the click of a button or on a scheduled basis. You can collect complete hardware information such as memory, hard disk space, display and a lot more. You have the flexibility to create any type of custom asset or field you might require from IT peripherals to phones. Hardware reports for ready reference, and aging reports help in planning for equipment replacement.

BOSSDesk Asset Management - Hardware Inventory
BOSSDesk Asset Management - Software Inventory


Using Microsoft Windows WMI, in addition to capturing all hardware information, BOSSDesk can also capture all software information on all computers in the system including operating system, version, service packs, manufacturer and directory. The system can display a report of all software installed on all computers in the system and identify which computers are running unauthorized software so remedial action can be taken.


Contract and license information can be entered for all software licenses and maintenance contracts, and the system can display necessary information associated with each item such as status and contract expiration dates. Vendor information and profiles can also be entered and displayed for easy access. This capability allows for informed purchasing decisions and improved quality of IT service.

BOSSDesk Asset Management - Contarct and Vendor Management
BOSSDesk Asset Management - Purchase Oder Management


Purchase Orders for any new assets can be entered into and the system and when the asset is received BOSSDesk will automatically generate a new inventory asset tag for these assets from the information from the purchase order. This capability ensures that all new assets are entered quickly and allows for better life cycle management of assets.


Asset Life-Cycle Management keeps you informed in each of the stages of the life cycle of your assets. With this information you can make better purchasing decisions by looking at the resources available and their life-cycle stages. Know if an asset should it be reused or reassigned, moved, loaned or decommissioned. If an asset is due to be retired or expire, new orders can be placed based on inventory levels. With this capability know the Total Cost of Ownership of your assets, make informed purchasing decisions and provide quality IT service.

BOSSDesk Asset Management - Life Cycle Management

Business Value for Customers


Tracking all assets dynamically across multiple domains and locations can significantly reduce cost and improve visibility and control


Agentless non-intrusive tools provide immediate intelligence and technicians can remotely access and resolve issues in real time thereby reducing downtime and improving efficiency


Know when any updates are required and automatically remove unauthorized software. Manage software inventory and licenses to ensure compliance.

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