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Help Desk Solution helps Lexington County Sheriff’s Department be more efficient and responsive

Customer Overview

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department is a full-service law enforcement agency that is dedicated to serving more than 270,400 citizens in Lexington County, South Carolina. In addition to providing law enforcement services in unincorporated areas, the Sheriff’s Department also is responsible for the operation and security of the 720-bed Lexington County Detention Center.


The department was looking to automate their day to day operations by automatically tracking requests and assigning the tasks to appropriate personnel. Their manual system was time consuming and there wasn’t a way to track how and when the tasks was performed. They needed to ensure that every task was given its due and nothing was lost or left undone.


BOSS Support Central on-premise service desk was chosen to automate their processes. The solution allowed the department to be extremely organized and were able to assign, track each request at every step in the process. The Department was able to put BOSS Support Central to multiple uses such as submitting and tracking financial requests, equipment orders, travel requests, office supplies requests, keeping track of ID cards and Jail maintenance issues.


With the inherent flexibility of BOSS Support Central it is being put to use in new and efficient ways at Lexington County Sheriff’s Department namely:

  • With the BOSS solution, the Department can log in and instantly verify the action taken on any request. With 400 users, they are dependent on the solution for their day-to-day functioning.

  • Tickets can be accessed using their smartphones and can be resolved remotely.

  • The BOSS solution is used to issue and track ID cards requested by various departments and to keep track of new/lost /stolen/damaged ID cards.

  • BOSS Support Central is used to keep track of all in-house training details such as attendees, topics, time, dates are recorded and can be analyzed for future use. Training documents including handouts and power points are saved as attachments and available for quick reference.

  • The BOSS solution was very efficient to track maintenance. When conducting inspections tickets can be created for every maintenance issue and can be routed to the appropriate personnel for resolution. Requests for parts can be submitted and tracked together with the maintenance response times.

  • The CIO believes that the BOSS Solution has continuously evolved into something that allows the department to be more efficient and allows their citizens to be able to receive more responsive services.

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Lexington County Sheriff's Department

"The BOSS system has continuously evolved into something that helps us be more efficient."

Andre O Johnson

Certified Government CIO at LCSD

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