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Unapologetic Luxury at The Breakers Enhanced by BOSS Solutions

The Breakers located in Palm Beach Florida is a luxury Resort & Hotel offering unapologetic luxury, seaside glamour and world-class service. The Breakers is a 5 star Resort & Hotel that also has four sets of High End Apartments .The Breakers has been a customer of BOSS Solutions for many years.

Their IT department has been using BOSS Support Central our fully integrated on premise ITSM solution to manage and track incidents and requests at the Hotel. The BOSS Support Central suite includes modules for IT Service Desk, Asset Management and Lifecycle Management.

The Breakers Apartments are owned by high end clientele and can also be rented out by the month or year. This section of The Breakers is called Breakers Row. There are four separate buildings that each contain around 20 apartments each. The Breakers employees take care of all the maintenance, landscaping and security for this section.

All these years, Security and Maintenance employees at the Breakers Row were using manual time consuming pen and paper processes to record all their tasks. They were hand writing all work orders to track what was being done inside each apartment. However tracking information manually was very difficult and getting a report was impossible. They contacted the Breakers Technology Department for suggestions on how they could better handle their work orders and asked if they would be able to use BOSS Support Central in some form to help them.

They liked how The Breakers IT team was benefitting from BOSS Support Central and putting it to good use. The techs at Breakers reached out to me for suggestions on how best to implement this time tested solution for the apartments as well. The Breakers Row evaluated BOSS Support Central and decided this was their best route to go.

How they would use the product, was to be decided based on discussions with the BOSS Solutions team and they looked to me and my team to offer a viable solution for them based on our years of expertise.

As BOSS Support Central is easily customizable, I came up with a plan to use different Buildings as Organizational Units (OU) in BOSS Support Central. Each Building has a name, so inside BOSS Support Central each OU is given the name of that building. Then Each Apartment Number was entered into the OU as a user. So each Building is tied to the correct apartment numbers. When a ticket is created the apartment numbers show as users to tie each ticket to the appropriate apartment and building. Each common area is also entered in as a user in the system as landscaping and maintenance tasks are done on these sections also.

Now all work orders go through BOSS Support Central and they can track any type of work and cost associated with each apartment and building. The BOSS Mobile apps made it all the more easy to track work orders. Maintenance and Security techs can now use their phones for all work orders and no longer have to carry around a piece of paper.

Keep us in mind when you visit the Breakers as they are a perfect example of BOSS Facilities Management at work!

BOSS Solutions is a U.S. Company providing innovative software solutions to meet the need of customers in service management. The company’s major product lines are BOSSDesk that provides IT Service Management on the Cloud, BOSS Support Central – that provides IT Service Management On-Premise, and BOSS811 a one call ticket management solution for the damage prevention industry.

Contributed by:

Kris Giroux

Director, Support

BOSS Solutions


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