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School District uses the BOSS Asset Management module to provide evidence in burglary

Who would have thought?

BOSS Solutions to the rescue.. School District uses the BOSS Asset Management module to show evidence in crime..!

Anderson School District Three (SC) has 3 Elementary schools, 1 Middle school and a High School..

Located in rural South Carolina bordering GA, this school district is supported by parents who are very friendly and proud of their heritage. Iva is known as the 'Gateway to the Fresh water course' and has some beautiful lakes and rivers. Students get quality education enabled by good infrastructure and equipment provided by the school district administration.

The winter of 2013 will be remembered by local folks as there was a break-in at the school and burglars stole Computers, Printers, iPads, etc. from a school facility. Who would steal from a school?? The same question was asked by many and law enforcement needed some evidence on the systems that were missing. This is a general requirement from law enforcement . The school had to prove ownership using purchase orders, contracts, etc. while placing the complaint about thefts in their premises. You could also provide a list of systems [Make, Model, Serial#, Location, Last Used By information] that would help the investigators expedite their search.

Anderson County District Three IT folks were quick to gather relevant information from BOSS Support Central [centralized repository for all networked / non-networked IT assets] and turn it to the sheriff. The search is ongoing and hopefully they will soon capture the culprits and bring them to justice.

Don't wait till calamity strikes! Have you covered all your bases? If not, BOSS can help.

  • Do you have the details of all your assets?

  • Have you completed the Baseline Inventory?

  • Do you know where your assets are?

You never know.. Some organizations face natural calamities [like hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wild fire, etc.] and any property claim needs to be substantiated by evidence of possession prior to the incident.

BOSS can help you build the CMDB [Configuration management database] and it can be your data repository that you can access from anywhere, and using any device!!

BOSS Solutions is a U.S. Company providing innovative software solutions to meet the need of customers in service management. The company’s major product lines are BOSSDesk that provides IT Service Management on the Cloud, BOSS Support Central – that provides IT Service Management On-Premise, and BOSS811 a one call ticket management solution for the damage prevention industry.

Contributed by Suri Anantharama, CTO, BOSS.


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