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Employee Onboarding: Easing first day anxieties with your Service Desk

The first days on the job for new employees are critical to their ability to fit in and become as productive as possible, within a short time. Onboarding — the process to help just-hired employees acclimate to a new environment is not a stand-alone event but part of a more comprehensive process.

Onboarding is not just a buzzword for orientation or something that is needed only in large companies. When incorporated it really helps small and midsize businesses streamline the process and ensure that new employees become productive and satisfied members of their staff.

BOSS Solutions Customer, Beaufort Memorial Hospital has been serving the healthcare needs of the South Carolina community for more than 70 years. Opened with 25 beds in 1944, the hospital has seen significant growth over the years and is now the largest medical facility between Savannah, GA. and Charleston, SC.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Willard Fosberry, Director of IT Infrastructure at the hospital, about how his team has been able to adapt BOSS Support Central the ITSM On Premise solution offered by BOSS Solutions for managing the On Boarding process of all new hires at the organization. Willard spoke at length on how he has benefitted by using BOSS Support Central for Employee Onboarding besides using it to track issues.

Beaufort Memorial Hospital had been using BOSS Support Central for their help desk ticketing and they recently extended its use to the on-boarding process of new employees at the hospital. Before a new member of staff is due to start at the organization, the hiring manager simply completes a new hire web form detailing the equipment and privileges that person is going to need. This information is then used to automatically create work orders that are sent to the appropriate staff members for completion.

Willard commented,

"The whole process is so much more efficient now that we are using BOSS Support Central for our on boarding process. It’s significantly reduced the amount of time involved in getting a new employee set up and has also eliminated the need for multiple email and phone call requests. The support team at BOSS worked closely with us to build a custom designed web based new hire form that provides all the options we need."

Willard adds

"We are so pleased with the results of the new hire on-boarding system that we are now looking to use it for our internal employee transfers."

Implementing a good Employee Onboarding process plays a vital role in making the transition smooth and easy for new employees so they can focus on getting up to speed and adapting quickly to the new environment.

BOSS Solutions offers IT Service Management On Premise and on the Cloud to help with Employee Onboarding. BOSS Solutions is a U.S. Company providing innovative software solutions to meet the need of customers in service management. The company’s major product lines are BOSSDesk that provides IT Service Management on the Cloud, BOSS Support Central – that provides IT Service Management On-Premise, and BOSS811 a one call ticket management solution for the damage prevention industry.


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