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Always listen to your heart , even though it's on the left side it is always right.... says the doctor and no wonder Grady health followed the advice and adapted BOSS Support Central when it needed an IT Cure!

Grady Health System in Atlanta, GA is a leading facility for trauma care and emergency services. It now stands as one of the largest health systems in the United States.

In its mission to provide quick and efficient service, the Grady IT team adapted Support Central from BOSS for its Asset Management and Help Desk needs. Grady has been extensively using Support Central and has been a happy customer of BOSS for the past several years, reaping significant time and cost benefits.

The Grady Health System has 5000+ IT Assets and over 10000 users who are primarily doctors, nurses, health care technicians, technician assistants and trainees. They needed a system to manage their IT assets, for license management, software version controls, remote control and much more.

Their goal was to replace multiple tools they currently used for asset management with a simple easy to use flexible solution. They also needed to move away from the clunky mainframe helpdesk to a user friendly one so their 10000+ users could easily manage tickets /incidents related to their day to day operations.

To address these pain points, Sean Jablonski, Technical Support Manager, Grady Health System adapted the one stop solution from BOSS, BOSS Support Central their integrated Asset Management and Help Desk solution.

On performing due diligence he found BOSS Support Central to be “very easy and flexible for any modification and customization”. Ease of use of the product was one of the winning factors in choosing the solution. Grady had been using a “mainframe help desk earlier which was very difficult to manage until they switched to Support Central”

A big time saver- “The Management console helps them resolve most of their calls without having to go on site”

Support Central is a “one stop shop to manage all assets and it eliminates the need for Multiple tools”.

Grady has become so familiar with Support Central that they have extended its basic use to other areas as well.

BOSS Support Central is now used for

  • General Project Management using Parent - Child ticket templates

  • Getting reports from the EPIC module using the Help Desk Service Catalogs

  • Managing Non IT Devices such as Routers, Switches and Printers

Sean Jablonski is really pleased with his association with BOSS over the years. He especially commended the BOSS support team for providing quick and efficient solutions to issues.

In his words, “Every time I have a problem I get a response within the day. Support has been great. BOSS cares about their product and makes sure it works right for your needs.”

About Support Central, Sean had this to add, “Easy to use and if you know how to use MS Outlook this is a piece of cake. You can pretty much start using it from day one.”

Benefits in a Nutshell

Ease of use

Right out of the box with some minor changes you can start logging calls.

Saves Time

The Management console helps resolve most of the calls without having to go on site.

Great Support

BOSS responds to our needs quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Solution

BOSS cares about their product and makes sure it works right for your needs.

BOSS Solutions has been serving several healthcare customers across the USA. BOSS Solutions is a U.S. Company providing innovative software solutions to meet the need of customers in service management. The company’s major product lines are BOSSDesk that provides IT Service Management on the Cloud, BOSS Support Central – that provides IT Service Management On-Premise, and BOSS811 a one call ticket management solution for the damage prevention industry.


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