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Tips for Staying Safe While Working Near Underground Utilities

As experts in utility location, we recognize the value of staying current with technology and procedures to guarantee that we are giving our clients the best service possible. Nevertheless, putting safety first when working close to subsurface services is equally crucial. This post will go over some essential safety advice when working close to subsurface utilities, as well as the advantages of using BOSS811 to speed up the process.

Why is Safety Important When Working Near Underground Utilities?

If sufficient safety precautions are not taken, working close to subterranean utilities might be risky. Workers may be at risk if subsurface utilities, including gas lines, water pipes, and electrical cables, are damaged or ruptured. These utilities have the potential to start fires, explode, and electrocute people, resulting in serious injury and even death. Furthermore, if these utilities are damaged, expensive repairs and potential legal obligations may be the outcome. Thus, it is crucial to prioritize safety if operating close to subsurface utilities.

Tips for Staying Safe While Working Near Underground Utilities

➡️1. Know the Location of Underground Utilities

Before starting any project that involves digging or excavating, it's crucial to know the exact location of underground utilities before embarking on any digging or excavation project. You can get this information by contacting your local 811 service, a nationwide hotline connecting you with your local utility companies. They will then send a representative to your site to mark the locations of any underground lines or pipes. In some cases, you may also need to hire a private utility locating service to locate any private lines that may not be marked by the utility companies. These steps ensure that your digging or excavation project is safe and free from any unexpected accidents or damage to utilities.

➡️ 2. Use Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wearing proper PPE is crucial when working near underground utilities. Workers should wear safety glasses, hard hats, high-visibility clothing, and steel-toed boots. Additionally, workers should wear gloves designed for the specific task, such as cut-resistant gloves when using a saw.

➡️ 3. Follow Safe Digging Practices

It is essential to follow safe digging practices when digging near underground utilities. Workers should use hand tools instead of power tools when digging near utilities to avoid damaging them. Additionally, workers should dig carefully and avoid using excessive force to prevent hitting the utilities.

➡️ 4. Secure the Work Area

It is crucial to secure the work area when working near underground utilities. Workers should mark the work area with caution tape and cones to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the area. Additionally, workers should ensure that the work area is well-lit and clutter-free to avoid tripping hazards.

➡️ 5. Communicate with Team Members

Effective communication is key when working near underground utilities. Workers should communicate with team members to ensure that everyone knows the location of underground utilities and any potential hazards. Additionally, workers should establish a signal or code to alert team members if an underground utility is hit or damaged.

Benefits of Using BOSS811

BOSS811 is a versatile solution that adapts to the specific needs of utilities, municipalities, and locator companies. With its customizable dashboard, users can access the information they need at a glance with pre-defined or custom widgets. Additionally, BOSS811 offers advanced search capabilities, enabling users to find tickets quickly and export data to CSV spreadsheets.

1. Improved Efficiency

By utilizing BOSS811, the process of locating utilities is automated, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced time and effort required to manage locate requests. Manual paperwork and phone calls are eliminated. Moreover, BOSS811 offers real-time updates on locate tickets, enabling users to monitor the requests' progress closely.

2. Increased Accuracy

Underground utilities may be located using BOSS811's cutting-edge mapping technology. It reduces the possibility of damage during excavation, providing precise position information. The mapping features of BOSS811 ensure that customers have access to the location of utilities in the area. BOSS811's accuracy ensures that markings are accurate and that excavators can dig safely.

3. Enhanced Safety

Because BOSS811 allows users to monitor the progress of their requests closely and stay informed about any potential hazards or obstacles that may arise, users experience a higher level of transparency and visibility. BOSS811 helps to mitigate risks and prevent damages, keeping workers and the public safe.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Many states and municipalities have regulations requiring utilities to mark their underground infrastructure's location before excavation can begin. BOSS811 ensures compliance with these regulations by providing a centralized platform for managing locate requests. It also stores historical data on past locates, which can be useful for regulatory reporting and compliance.

5. Cost Savings

BOSS811's cloud-based storage system ensures users have access to their data whenever they need it. With BOSS811, users can streamline the utility locating process, eliminating the need for physical documentation and telephone communication. This not only saves time and money but also reduces the expenses associated with administrative tasks. Additionally, it provides accurate location information, allowing the marking of underground facilities to be more precise and reducing the risk of hitting utilities and incurring costly repairs and legal liabilities.

We recommend booking a demo if you're interested in learning how BOSS811 can improve safety and compliance while streamlining your utility locating procedure. By doing this, you can get a first-hand understanding of the software's capabilities and advantages.

A skilled BOSS811 representative will walk you through the software's features and address any questions you may have during the demo. They'll demonstrate how the software can speed up, improve efficiency, and lower the cost of the utility locating process.

Take advantage of the chance to utilize the strength of BOSS811 and advance your utility locating procedure.

About the Author:

Nicole Benjamin is a Digital Marketing Coordinator with BOSS Solutions. Nicole has been in the marketing industry for over ten years. She is committed to sharing the message of safety and damage prevention with utilities and locators nationwide.


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