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Did you know? Hitting an underground utility line can cause severe damage and result in fines

BOSS Solutions offers an easy and affordable damage prevention solution BOSS811 that helps you stay compliant and avoid hefty fines. Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County adapted BOSS811, a Cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for the Damage Prevention Industry to improve efficiency and stay compliant.

The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) is the largest public water provider in the State of Pennsylvania, with 2400 miles of water lines, 500 miles of wastewater lines, 3 Water Treatment Plants and 10 Wastewater Treatment Plants. The legacy 811 Ticket Management System used by MAWC could only be installed on the locator laptops, had no routing rules or automation and therefore provided a very limited role in their critical operations.

MAWC wanted a ticket management solution that would improve efficiency and ensure compliance with the regulations of the Pennsylvania Utility Commission who were imposing fines on utility owners for noncompliance. MAWC did a thorough search and selected BOSS811 as their replacement Ticket Management Solution.

The BOSS811 implementation was very successful with over 9000 tickets closed in the first 6 months of operation. BOSS811 dramatically improved and simplified workflows through automation and event logs, eliminated bottlenecks and allowed for retraining. BOSS was able to import data and attachments from the legacy 811 system making it part of the BOSS811 searchable repository that is instantly viewable by management.

“BOSS811 has set the bar that other software is compared to."

Anthony Pologruto - GIS Analyst, Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County, PA

View the BOSS811 webinar with Anthony and learn how MAWC improved efficiency and avoided fines:

Major BOSS811 Features & Capabilities used by MAWC:

  • Ability to load map services directly from the GIS Server which eliminates the need for paper maps and the “dig box” can be accurately located on the screen.

  • Powerful Routing Engine with the ability to assign tickets based on ticket info or type, tag tickets, send desktop notifications, and assign based on dates and times.

  • The ability to Auto Close tickets.

  • Customized dashboard for each user with pre-defined or custom Widgets

  • Charting and reporting provide management with the capability to monitor workloads and performance.

  • Ticket management with both list and map views provides for easy assignment, sorting and response.

  • Advanced search with a very granular capability and the ability to export to CSV spreadsheets.

  • The ability to add attachments to tickets including photos and videos that can be geo-tagged to show where they were taken.

  • Ease of configuration due to intuitive design of Settings screen.

  • Email notifications based on routing rules.

  • The ability to easily create users and set roles and permissions.

  • Mobile App for both iOS and Android with offline support in areas with no cell signal.

  • Sketching tools that provide the ability to add notation and comments to the uploaded photos.

Visit to learn more about BOSS811.


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