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I have enough money to live comfortably the rest of my life - if I die next Tuesday :)

You are not alone! The Government is facing the crunch too - with shrinking IT budgets and pressure to do more with less. Here's how some Government agencies made it work with a little help from BOSS.

BOSS has been serving local and county Government for several years .By implementing its cost-effective ITSM software BOSS Support Central, several Government organizations saw instant benefits including reduced cost of operations, effectively management of both IT and Non-IT assets and improved efficiency of operations.

The following are examples of the cost effective IT Service solution BOSS Support Central at work:

Forsyth County, Georgia

Forsyth County is a growing community that is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area located 35 miles north of the city. Forsyth County offices are scattered across the county over several facilities.

Forsyth County has been using BOSS Support Central for the past several years for IT Service Management. Recently the county successfully adapted BOSS Support Central for facilities management as well. The process is now automatic and far less time consuming . Earlier each department had a designated person responsible for reporting all facility related issues to the central facility management unit or third party contractors. This reporting had to be done manually by each department. With the BOSS solution , this process has been automated and resulted in very efficient maintenance facilities management .Implementing this solution resulted in significant savings in both cost and time.

Several in- built features of the BOSS solution came in handy for improving the efficiency of operations. With BOSS Support Central, the designated person can enter a ticket into the web based system detailing the issue. BOSS Support Central provides the flexibility to create a category and sub-category for facility maintenance and also the added ability to create custom fields to capture all relevant information. Tickets can be created using these service categories and also using templates which populate relevant fields automatically.

The time tracking in the ticket enables the service provider to put in the hours spent and thereby acts as a verification of the service and eventual billing from the service provider. The web portal helps contractors view the ticket and take appropriate actions like update, re-assign, close etc. The comprehensive reporting available in the BOSS solution is now being used to track how the facility crew has been responding to commonly occurring issues. This has aided management in decision making and implementing long term corrective actions.

According to Rick Young, Systems Administrator Forsyth County, the county derived some key benefits by implementing the BOSS solution, most important being quicker response to customers, sizable time savings and also having the Public Facilities use the help desk to report and track facility issues.

City of Lawrence, Kansas

is a diverse and multifaceted city that provides many of the amenities of a large metropolitan area while still maintaining a strong sense of community. As with most government agencies, shrinking budgets required the I.T. Department to re-evaluate all expenditures and look for cost savings. Lawrence’s I.T. Department had been using a well-known helpdesk software system which had expensive annual maintenance costs, but did not have the hardware and software inventory functionality of BOSS Support Central.

The City of Lawrence was investigating hardware and software asset management add-on’s for their existing helpdesk when they became familiar with BOSS’s Support Central capabilities. Lawrence was able to implement the BOSS Support Central software and the technicians and staff have preferred the BOSS helpdesk software over the more expensive system. In addition, their staff gained the ability to track hardware and software assets and many other functions that were not included in their former system.

James Wisdom, I.T. Director and John Williams, Network Manager for the City of Lawrence, KS have put the BOSS I.T. Service management solution to good use in the city’s environment and are pleased with the new functionality and additional benefits of the BOSS Software.

For more information on how the cost effective BOSS IT Service Management Solution can help you with your infrastructure management needs, please contact BOSS at 800.317.6639 or visit


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