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I have enough money to live comfortably the rest of my life - if I die next Tuesday :)

You are not alone! The Government is facing the crunch too - with shrinking IT budgets and pressure to do more with less. Here's how some Government agencies made it work with a little help from BOSS.

BOSS has been serving local and county Government for several years .By implementing its cost-effective ITSM software BOSS Support Central, several Government organizations saw instant benefits including reduced cost of operations, effectively management of both IT and Non-IT assets and improved efficiency of operations.

The following are examples of the cost effective IT Service solution BOSS Support Central at work:

Forsyth County, Georgia

Forsyth County is a growing community that is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area located 35 miles north of the city. Forsyth County offices are scattered across the county over several facilities.

Forsyth County has been using BOSS Support Central for the past several years for IT Service Management. Recently the county successfully adapted BOSS Support Central for facilities management as well. The process is now automatic and far less time consuming . Earlier each department had a designated person responsible for reporting all facility related issues to the central facility management unit or third party contractors. This reporting had to be done manually by each department. With the BOSS solution , this process has been automated and resulted in very efficient maintenance facilities management .Implementing this solution resulted in significant savings in both cost and time.