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BOSSDesk helps Streamline interactions and Transforms productivity for the City of Winterpark

Winter Park is a suburban city in Orange County, Florida, United States. Winter Park was founded as a resort community in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Located just three miles north of Orlando , the city is nine-square miles with over 28,000 residents. Winter Park is known for its Old World charm, elegant homes, quaint bricked streets, first-class shopping and dining experiences.

The City of Winter Park, FL has been streamlining interactions and transforming productivity not only in IT but in other areas like HR and Purchasing with the help of BOSSDesk, IT Service Management solution on the Cloud. The city moved from the TrackIT solution to BOSSDesk due to the need for a more intuitive, modern and user friendly solution.

In the words of Josh Panton, Senior Systems Analyst at City of Winterpark,

"BOSSDesk is an ITIL centric service desk solution with unlimited customization and a great clean, easy to navigate UI"

Implementing BOSSDesk has resulted in users engaging well and recording issues through the portal increasing accountability and efficiency. In addition to using the solution for managing incidents and requests, the IT department is also using BOSSDesk to manage the city assets (Cis).

All the assets such as laptops, phones assigned to employees are tracked. This increases ROI through accountability and getting more utilization of the assets. This capability has been extended to other departments as well. The Purchasing Department processes all Purchase requests with the help of BOSSDesk.

Automating Employee Onboarding and Offboarding through BOSSDesk service catalog, has resulted in tremendous savings of time and improved efficiency. Earlier, several exchange of emails were needed for completing simple tasks. This has now been replaced with one form that automates all the tasks with appropriate routing and approvals. All the information is tracked and the task gets completed in a timely manner.

The use of Problem Management has helped identify and solve problems in a more organized way thereby avoiding recurrence of incidents. The automation associated with Problem management results in quick resolution of all incidents associated with a problem and users get updated and notified in a timely manner.

Change Management has been put in place and has helped the city plan and implement changes in a more organized fashion. Better communication and automated approval processes has increased cooperation from stake holders and users. This ensures that the actions of the administrators does not affect any end users.

The BOSSDesk Mobile app has benefitted the city in more ways than one. It is a big time saver as technicians can address issues on the go. The departments service multiple locations and technicians are out in the field a lot . The smart phone access is a time saver as it helps the techs resolve and update the tickets quickly and managers are able to monitor the tickets as needed. The availability of mobile app has improved efficiency and user satisfaction.

Josh Panton , Senior Sytems Analyst summarized the benefits of BOSSDesk that have come his way. The Cloud/ Mobility factor, Clean and Easy to navigate User Interface, Great User Experience, Customizable and User friendly Service Catalog that allows you to create your own forms with a simple drag and drop intuitive interface, push to conform to ITIL standards all of these have helped him save time and made his day to day operations easier.

The workflows and automation are very easy to set up and implement and help the technicians with ticket escalations and resolution. The Knowledgebase provides users an easy way to resolve known issues. The documentation helps with Problem and Change Management as it provides a record of who did what when and where.

According to Josh,

"BOSSDesk is fully customizable with good automation, powerful workflows and great reporting. Good single pane of glass software".

Josh sums up the impact of BOSSDesk for the City of Winterpark as,

"Overall we have cut down on the amount of emails needing to be sent. The purchasing process has been streamlined and greatly improved efficiencies. It helped us standardize our onboarding process. Centralized Documentation and Knowledgebase helps with the Problem and Change Management. The reporting helps us provide management with the necessary decision making data."

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BOSS thanks Josh Panton, Senior Systems Analyst, City of Winterpark for contributing to this blog.


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