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What do a Beer Distributor and an ITSM solution have in common?

Todd White, Manhattan Beer Distributor says

"I did my due diligence and took my time looking for a helpdesk solution and even checked in with many of the professionals in my personal network. Each of these professionals had some type of solution in place but for the most part, each had issues with the solutions that they had chosen. Some of them wish that the reporting tools were better developed and others wished that their chosen software would be more user friendly or offered features that would aid in managing their systems. Due to what I was finding out in the field, I was prepared to find a solution that would only accomplish 90% of the goals I wanted to achieve with my helpdesk solution.

I found my helpdesk solution completely by accident while searching for a system that will send out alerts to every computer on our 5 facilities in New York. BOSS was one of the solutions that would offer me the type of alerting system that I felt would work effectively and offered a vast amount of other features that made me to start looking at it as our single source of a helpdesk solution. The more I dove into the features of this application, the more excited I became about finding our replacement to our current helpdesk solution.

Some of the reasons I was sold on the BOSS solution included Ease of installation, tools to push out applications remotely, ability to manage the services and controls of any system connected to our network even through our cellular connections and remote locations and a simple to follow SQL back end that allowed me to customize reports and build onto the existing solution.

I can’t say enough about the experience that I have had with the professional team at BOSS, there is never a doubt in my mind that I have found the perfect tool to manage my systems. I can spend my time doing the things that allow our company to move forward and no longer need to struggle with our helpdesk application".

Todd manages the dynamic IT environment where they not only support the wide area network end points in different locations, but also moving trucks carrying millions of Beer cans.. At any given time,BOSS Smart Agent comes in handy when collecting inventory over the web and across domains. This helps improve the reliability of their operations.


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