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Government agencies save tax dollars using BOSS Support Central

BOSS has innovated several products U-Win (unattended windows migration solution), BOSS Support Central (Service Desk and integrated IT Asset Management), BOSS Survey, BOSS Assist (Self Service Portal) and BOSS Mobile Apps for Help Desk and Lifecycle Management of assets in the RIM (Remote Infrastructure Management) market space.

US Government organizations (particularly state departments, cities, counties) have been adapting the BOSS solution to

  • Manage remote sites, offices

  • Discovery of assets, hardware/software inventory creating the CMDB master list

  • Deploy Enterprise applications like Office 2007, Adobe Suite, Anti-virus updates, windows updates, etc. quickly and efficiently with minimal user interruption

  • Provide Self Service portal for customers to submit request online

  • Implement automated help desk workflow saving countless hours with intelligent routing

  • ITIL Dashboard reports on helpdesk performance, exceptions, etc.

Tax dollars are saved by remote management, automated physical inventory audits, software reconciliation, silent deployment of applications, customer surveys, and more.

Several county governments have started expanding the scope of the BOSS helpdesk by extending it to functional departments like HR, Insurance, Maintenance, Tax for incident management and workflow.

The ability of the BOSS Help Desk to send automatic e-mail notifications to customers, technicians on incidents and escalation to department managers ensures timely management of tasks on hand.

Do you work for Government? It is worth looking at BOSS Support Central.

View the BOSS Support Central Demo to find out more and check out the BOSS Customer Testimonials to hear first hand how BOSS helped various organizations.

BOSS Support Central is aligned with the ITIL best practices and provides the base to build configuration management database (CMDB), ITAM and a reliable service desk!


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