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From Chaos to Coordination: Chambers Bank's IT Success with BOSSDesk™

Customer service lies at the heart of every successful business, and for Chambers Bank, a regional bank with a legacy spanning 90 years, this principle is deeply ingrained in its mission. As the bank's IT department sought to improve the way they handled IT requests, they faced several challenges with their existing ticket management system.

However, their partnership with BOSSDesk™, a dedicated ticket management solution by BOSS Solutions, proved to be a game-changer. In this blog, we will delve into Chambers Bank's success story and explore how BOSSDesk transformed its IT operations, enabling them to provide exceptional service to its customers and community.

The Need for a Change: Challenges with Legacy Ticket Management

Before adopting BOSSDesk™, Chambers Bank faced several roadblocks with their previous ticket management system. Using a shared inbox resulted in a lack of ticket ownership and coordination, causing delays and inefficiencies in addressing IT requests. Their experience with another vendor, which offered multiple technology solutions but lacked focus on ticket management, further hindered their support process. The vendor's data breach only amplified the need for a more secure and dedicated ticket management solution, leading Chambers Bank to explore alternatives.

Embracing BOSSDesk™ A Tailored Solution for Ticket Management

Chambers Bank's decision to select BOSSDesk was driven by its specialization in ticket management. Unlike their previous experience, BOSS Solutions prioritized support for ticket management and offered a US-based support team for prompt assistance. Moreover, the BOSSDesk™Service Catalog provided pre-built templates and a user-friendly interface, simplifying the process of adopting the new solution. The availability of mobile apps for both iOS and Android empowered technicians to access, update, and close tickets on the go, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.

Driving Transformation: The Results with BOSSDesk

  • Increased Ticket Volume: With BOSSDesk's seamless integration and user-friendly interface, Chambers Bank witnessed a significant increase in ticket volume, handling 800-1000 tickets per month, up from the previous 200 tickets per month.

  • 2-Click Request Handling: Implementing the "2-click rule" allowed their team to swiftly enter service desk or service requests with just two clicks, streamlining the request process and reducing response times.

  • Streamlined Facilities Management: BOSSDesk enabled Chambers Bank to convert facilities requests into a work list, ensuring efficient coordination with vendors and prompt resolution of issues.

  • Expanding Ticket Management: The bank extended the use of BOSSDesk beyond IT to the Appraisal Department, allowing loan officers to operate independently with a streamlined communication process.

  • Reg E Compliance: BOSSDesk played a pivotal role in developing an audit trail for Reg E disputes compliance within the Fraud Department. Securely managing fraud disputes through BOSSDesk improved efficiency and data security.

  • Efficient Audits: BOSSDesk became the bank's system of audit, facilitating internal audits with external parties. Advanced Search features provided comprehensive reports for auditors, expediting the auditing process.

  • Empowering Personnel: BOSSDesk empowered bank personnel to handle various requests, from complex support documentation to small requests, fostering a culture of innovation and problem-solving.

Beyond Ticket Management: Exploring New Horizons

The success with BOSSDesk at Chambers Bank extended beyond ticket management. The solution's flexibility and visually appealing Service Catalog drove user adoption, encouraging the exploration of new ideas to solve various issues. The IT department leveraged BOSSDesk™ for internal audits, streamlining the process and providing a complete audit trail. As the bank continues to explore the possibilities, they envision using BOSSDesk'sAI capabilities to handle image-based requests and even automate knowledge base article creation.

The Impact on Customer Service: Empowering the Community

With BOSSDesk™ revolutionizing its IT operations, Chambers Bank achieved remarkable improvements in customer service. Prompt ticket resolutions, efficient handling of requests, and streamlined facilities management translated to enhanced customer experiences. By providing seamless and secure support, Chambers Bank demonstrated its commitment to improving the financial well-being and quality of life for its customers and community.

A Future of Continued Growth

Chambers Bank's success story with BOSSDesk™ exemplifies the transformative power of dedicated ticket management solutions. By partnering with BOSS Solutions, the bank unlocked the potential for streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and superior customer service.As they continue to explore new horizons and leverage BOSSDesk's innovative capabilities, Chambers Bank sets a shining example for businesses seeking to revolutionize their customer support processes and leave a lasting impact on their community. With BOSSDesk™ as a trusted ally, businesses can embark on a journey of continuous growth and success.


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