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Five Features of BOSSDesk To Save You Time, Money, and a Whole Lot of Work

A good Service Desk bridges the gap between technician and end-user

A better Service Desk does the same while staying completely out of the way. So what makes a great Service Desk? One that saves you time and money? Now I know what you’re thinking,

It’s a cliché, one done to death for as long as anyone can remember; neither a new idea nor very unique. But in the rush to deliver services and coordinate support responses it’s easy to forget that everything we do, consumes both.

By the same token anything automated becomes one less thing to worry about, to think about, and to eat away at these very real resources. Everyone with skin in the Service Desk game guarantees to save you time, money or both. But different products deliver, differently, on this promise (if at all) and in my experience those that rise to the top lean on practical needs, intuitive processes, and common-sense logic to tie everything together.

So how does BOSSDesk fare? I’m glad you asked.

Here are five features of BOSSDesk that have saved me time, money, and a whole lot of work.