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Dig Safe: How BOSS811™ and National Safe Digging Month Ensure Community Safety

Dig Safe: How BOSS811™ and National Safe Digging Month Ensure Community Safety

As April unfolds, so does National Safe Digging Month—a crucial reminder for utility companies, contract locators, and homeowners alike to prioritize safe excavation practices. The ground beneath our feet harbors a labyrinth of vital underground utility lines, including gas, electric, water, sewer, and telecommunications. Accidental damage to these lines can lead to disastrous consequences, from service outages to life-threatening accidents.

In partnership with the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), BOSS811 stands at the forefront of promoting safe digging practices, ensuring the protection of underground infrastructure and the safety of communities nationwide. Before discussing the benefits of BOSS811™ and the significance of National Safe Digging Month, let's shine a light on the vital role played by CGA in the realm of damage prevention.

About CGA: Leading the Charge in Damage Prevention

CGA is a member-driven association comprising nearly 4,200 damage prevention professionals across every facet of the underground utility industry. Established in 2000, CGA has dedicated itself to saving lives and safeguarding North American underground infrastructure. Through its advocacy efforts and promotion of effective damage prevention practices, CGA has emerged as the preeminent source of data and information in the field. It strives to reduce damages to underground facilities through shared responsibility among all stakeholders. For more information, visit CGA online at

Why National Safe Digging Month Matters

National Safe Digging Month serves as an annual reminder of the critical importance of safe excavation practices. With over 20 million miles of underground utility lines crisscrossing the United States, a single mistake during digging can have far-reaching consequences. Beyond the safety risks, significant financial liabilities are associated with damaging underground utilities. National Safe Digging Month raises awareness and mitigates these risks, emphasizing the need for precautionary measures before any excavation project commences.

Celebrate NSDM with BOSSDesk

Tips for Ensuring Safe Excavation Practices

To mitigate the risks associated with excavation, it's imperative to follow these guidelines:

  • Contact 811: Always contact 811 a few days before digging, regardless of the depth or familiarity with the property. This free service ensures that underground utility lines are marked before excavation begins.

  • Plan Ahead: Make a free 811 request on Monday or Tuesday for work planned for an upcoming weekend, allowing ample time for utility lines to be marked.

  • Confirm Markings: Before digging, confirm that all utility lines have been accurately marked to avoid accidental damage.

  • Consider Relocation: If your project is near utility line markings, consider moving the location to prevent potential damage.

  • Contractor Coordination: If a contractor has been hired, confirm that they have contacted 811 before commencing work. Don't allow work to begin if utility lines aren't marked.

  • Educate Yourself: Visit for comprehensive information on safe digging practices and resources.

BOSS811™: Streamlining Safe Digging Practices

In conjunction with National Safe Digging Month and CGA's advocacy efforts, BOSS811 serves as a comprehensive solution for managing excavation requests. By streamlining ticket management, providing real-time updates, and offering customizable workflows, BOSS811 empowers organizations to prioritize safety and minimize the risk of utility damages. With BOSS811, public works departments, utility companies, and contractors can ensure efficient excavation projects that safeguard underground infrastructure and protect communities.

As we commemorate National Safe Digging Month, let's reaffirm our commitment to safe excavation practices. By partnering with BOSS811™, leveraging CGA's wealth of resources, and adhering to the principles of responsible digging, we can safeguard our communities and protect vital infrastructure from harm. Contact us today to learn more about BOSS811™ and schedule a demo. Together, let's dig safe and dig smart.


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