BOSS Solutions believes in empowering customers with proper training and helping them realize an excellent ROI. We include an estimated cost of on-line training for technicians and administrators in our proposal. We can also provide onsite training, train the trainers training and can create customized training to suit specific customer needs. For users we have online webinars and user training videos.


BOSS Solutions provides on-line training for technicians and administrators. Administrator training includes general configuration, workflow/routing, setting up queries, reports and mobile apps. Technician training includes, general set up, setting up escalations, hands on ticket flow, time sheet & reports.

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BOSS Solutions can also deliver any of our training services onsite for an additional cost. Based on customer requirements and our experience with prior installations, training can be tailored and customized to meet specific customer needs. BOSS Solutions will also provide advice and guidance on ITIL best practices. Training materials will be prepared to meet customer needs.


A train the trainer approach can also be an effective way of ensuring that everyone gets the right information for a successful implementation. BOSS Solutions will provide a train the trainer course for an additional cost and will supply the necessary training materials that can be customized to meet the customer needs.

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For users of our solutions BOSS provides webinar recordings that can be viewed online and based on interest, and we also create videos for user training that can be made available online.

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