BOSS Professional Services

Software Asset Management (SAM) Services

Get a good handle on the software licenses in your environment. Know what you have and where it is located with the help of BOSS Solutions. Get a consolidated list of licenses by title and reconcile. Mitigate risk and liabilities by ensuring compliance proactively! Manually tracking contracts and contract renewal can be a daunting and complex task. BOSS automates the process and consolidates software inventory, organizing it according to license entitlements. You can get alerts on upcoming renewals, capture proof of purchase, and better align software licensing costs with business needs. This provides you the opportunity to better negotiate with the vendor and control costs.

How can BOSS help?

BOSS experts are armed with in depth expertise in Software Asset Management. We help you create a streamlined SAM (Software Asset Management) process so you can derive maximize benefit and stay compliant. We study your environment and help set up your CMDB, build the baseline inventory and guide you in the process of reconciling your licenses with what is procured. You can get a consolidated view of the distribution of software licenses across the organization. You will also be alerted to upcoming renewals, capture proof of purchase, and better align software licensing costs with business needs. Get alerted on unauthorized licenses installed and take measures to uninstall them remotely. Mitigate risk and liabilities by ensuring compliance proactively! Consolidate your software purchases and negotiate better discounts with your vendors. We provide valuable reports showing compliance status, upcoming renewals and more that will help you make informed business decisions. Get an instant quote from one of our representatives.

BOSS ITSM Services

Delivering outstanding customer service does not have to cost you an arm and a leg and is within your reach. Powered by its innovative products and ITSM based solutions, BOSS has gained significant knowledge in implementing a streamlined ITSM process. It has helped several customers implement ITSM best practices customized to improve overall efficiency and user satisfaction. The BOSS team backed by its many years of ITSM expertise steps in and does in depth analysis of the customer environment. We work hand in hand with your team to understand your organizational service goals. We then help design the right service catalogs based on your custom needs. We propose the best practices solution for your environment and help in streamlining your service delivery process so you can track performance and improve efficiency and user satisfaction.

How can BOSS help?

BOSS has been involved in implementing service desk solutions for many years to several hundred customers. We have extensive experience in arriving at a Service catalog design that works for the customer.

Our ITSM Best Practices Consulting includes:
• Service Catalog Set Up
• Managing Your SLAs
• Managing the Life Cycle of Incidents and Requests
• Problem and Change Management
• Metrics and Measurement

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BOSS Lifecycle Management Services

The WHAT, WHERE, HOW of your assets. If you can find out the WHAT (what assets you have), WHERE (where is it located) and HOW (how it is used) about your assets accurately, you will save time and money and get the maximum ROI by putting them to best use. A streamlined Asset Life-Cycle Management helps improve security and accountability thereby reducing the cost and time spent in manually keeping track of your inventory.

The BOSS Life Cycle Management Service includes:
• Defining processes for adding new assets and current assets to the CMDB
• Updating and maintaining all relevant asset information such as vendor, warranty, renewal dates etc.
• Managing the assets - Tracking issues, updates, movements
• Informative reports for Operations and Management

How can BOSS help?

BOSS has helped several organizations streamline their Asset Life-cycle Management and can customize a process that meets your organization’s business goals. BOSS will work with your team to design a process that will help you get a good handle on all your assets so you can make informed buying decisions and reduce overheads.

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