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Founded in 1991, BOSS Solutions is a U.S. Company providing innovative software solutions to meet the need of customers in service management. The company’s major product lines are BOSSDesk that provides IT Service Management on the Cloud, BOSS Support Central – that provides IT Service Management On-Premise, and BOSS811 a one call ticket management solution for the damage prevention industry.
The company has built a committed customer base through incorporating best practices in automating the service management process combined with a unique commitment to customer support.

BOSS Software Solutions address Service Desk, IT Lifecycle Management, comprehensive Asset Management, and IT Best Practices. BOSS has helped customers implement ITIL solutions, Network Services, Active Directory consolidation and more. We offer innovative cost-effective ITSM solutions that helps automate IT Service Management and implement IT Best Practices for any organization.

We are revolutionizing the IT Service Management landscape by providing the most cost-effective ITSM solution across the globe. Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success and we consider our Employees to be our most valuable asset. We actively listen to our customers and by being agile and flexible we are able to provide the best value to our customers and help them derive maximum ROI.

Any organization regardless of the industry segment or size deserves an efficient, user friendly, cost-effective ITSM solution. Our ITSM solution enables you to consolidate and automate service management processes, increase efficiency, lower costs. It frees you so you can focus your time and energy on more pressing business needs. BOSS helps you ensure software compliance, heighten security and minimize costs through a user-friendly and reliable IT Service Management solution.

We pride ourselves in our ability to carefully listen to our customers’ requirements and offer custom solutions tailored to provide the maximum ROI. We are open to learning and adapting and we do whatever it takes to make sure our solution benefits our customers and takes care of their pain points. Our world class customer support has been vouched for by many of our customers. Our support team is located in our headquarters in Georgia, USA and our real time support is only a phone call away

  • Boca Raton Florida
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  • State of Georgia
  • City of Monterey
  • Turnkey Network Solutions
  • Mobile Area Water and Sewer System
  • City of Marietta
  • The City of San Marcos
  • North Carolina Agriculture
  • City of Winter Park Florida
  • Holt of California CAT
  • AAA American Automobile Association
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  • Hooters
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  • Grady Hospital
  • Sun Solutions
  • Tampa Bay Water
  • Save Mart Supermarkets

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