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Forsyth County, GA

Georgia's Forsyth County achieves Network Control with BOSS Support Central

Forsyth County GA

Forsyth County, Georgia is a growing community that is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area located 35 miles north of the city. With a population of over 170,000 and growing at a fast pace, Forsyth County is ranked among the fastest growing counties in Georgia and the United States.

Forsyth County runs 50 servers and 1200 workstations scattered over several office buildings.

The mission of Forsyth County Information Technology: "It is the goal of Information Technology to increase efficiency of government services by providing cost effective solutions to the county via advances in information management and communications."

Michael Mettler, Director of Information Technology for Forsyth County said that they wanted to exercise better control over Forsyth’s network by moving to Active Directory, and to have a web-based help desk solution. His wish list included the ability to track non-computer assets and to also allow tickets on issues to be easily created by end users. In addition the county had a need for much stronger reporting capabilities concerning its workstations, and a way of gathering inventory quickly via the network. The ability to collect inventory quickly was a must in order to identify those workstations that needed upgrading.

BOSS helped Forsyth County move their network to Active Directory and provided training for the system’s seven technicians. In addition, Forsyth purchased the integrated BOSS Asset Management and Service Desk solution, BOSS Support Central to manage their inventory and customer service needs. What Mettler says he appreciates the most about BOSS Support Central is the very quick collection of workstation inventories, as well as the completeness of the inventories.

The ability to deploy software applications remotely is also a big plus for Forsyth, as is using VNC to remote into clients’ computers.

In rapidly growing Forsyth County, traffic can be an issue. Where technicians once had to drive throughout the county to other offices, they can now diagnose problems remotely from a desktop.

"It now takes us 12 minutes to fix an issue instead of a 30 minute drive" said Mettler

"Previously, technicians spent as much as two to four hours daily commuting to client sites; now they can respond to our users issues nearly simultaneously using BOSS Support Central"

The results for the county were very clear. End users have a greater sense of confidence and security in the technical staff’s ability to respond to their issues in a timely manner. The IT support team is now able to quickly install and uninstall software applications remotely from their desks. Another key result for the team was the flexibly of the reports that can be generated in the product. They can now query and get up to date information on a daily basis on the state of their systems.

BOSS has been serving the IT Service Management requirements of government for more than 20 years. Trusted by millions across the globe, BOSS provides simple, effective and competitively priced products for Service Desk, Asset Management, Lifecycle Management and Systems Management.

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