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City of Tallahassee, FL

BOSS Revitalizes City of Tallahasse's IT Operations

City of Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is Florida’s state capital with over 160,000 residents. Within city government, the Information Systems Services department (ISS) provides technology and telecommunications services to all city departments, providing infrastructure, support, maintenance and project management for 20 locations and over 30 internal departments that interconnect with nu merous external agencies.

The city wanted the ability to standardize its service desk process when assigning tickets. Park Malloy, ISS Project Manager for the city’s Integration Services area outlined the challenges:

"We needed an easier-to-use interface. Our current service desk product was good, but the interface was often awkward and not really intuitive. The product was also costing us a lot of money."

A tightening of city finances made the situation all the more urgent.

The city had used another IT Service Management solution for several years to track tickets and assets, but Malloy noted that an element that was missing was time tracking. Although it offered this as a separate module, it was not scaled to the needs of the city. Additionally, Tallahassee wanted to be able to create its own reports from the information the system collected, plus integrate it with other systems.

BOSS Support Central includes a comprehensive asset management module with an array of features enabling management to have a comprehensive view of all IT inventory. The product incorporates a user-friendly interface for raising service desk tickets through a web portal. Malloy discovered that the technology integrated well with other products already in place, and was equally impressed with the ease of the customization of the product.

"In a matter of about two months, we had sixteen reports that people could use. That’s what made our management team really happy."

"We were pleased with the implementation" said Tanya O’Neill, the city’s application systems administrator.

"The whole process went very smoothly."

BOSS has been able to help Tallahassee significantly reduce its IT Departments costs while still providing the features the city needed to track service desk tickets and assets. City management is especially pleased with the reduction in cost. Malloy estimates the switch to BOSS Support Central has reduced the department’s costs by 30k a year.

The interface is easier to use, but to Malloy, the biggest impact is that "everyone is using the same system to manage the work, even though there might be a slightly different work process within the different department units. Accessibility of that data is across the board. It’s easy to see what’s happening in other areas when you need to."

The reporting capabilities, according to Malloy, give the city much better insight into its systems, and pinpoints trends.

"We are able to see more things. It’s allowing us to see that we were not fixing the problems but were just band-aiding them."

"The BOSS Support Central solution gives us an instant snapshot of any IT Project in terms of cost, status and efficiency. We are very happy that the funding we saved by utilizing BOSS allows us to help fund other priority city projects. Overall this solution effectively provides us a work management tool that allows us to manage our staff from a single Web console. The ability to track projects as well as the funding spent on each project is of the utmost importance. This is a real transformation to our service desk and provides our customers excellent service,"

O’Neill cites the one of the most positive aspects working with BOSS: "I can trust my vendor. Other vendors say they are going to do something and then don’t deliver. BOSS delivered what it said it would. There were no promises not kept. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership."

BOSS has been serving the IT Service Management requirements of government for more than 20 years. Trusted by millions across the globe, BOSS provides simple, effective and competitively priced products for Service Desk, Asset Management, Lifecycle Management and Systems Management.

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