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AAA Carolinas

AAA Carolinas gets Help Desk assistance from BOSS

AAA  Carolinas

AAA Carolinas a member of the AAA family, is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. The organization has over 1300 employees and is one of the largest and fastest growing AAA clubs serving customers in NC and SC.

AAA Carolinas embarked on a journey with BOSS to enhance their help desk experience. With over 30 offices spread across both North and South Carolina, maintaining nearly 100% availability of all workstations and software applications plays a very critical role in ensuring business continuity and smooth operations.

The Problem
The primary function of the AAA Help Desk Support team is to ensure 24x7 access to their business systems which requires a help desk product to assist them in the process. Improving the speed, efficiency and performance of the Help Desk Support team was the main reason for AAA Carolinas to seek an enhanced help desk.

The Solution
After a detailed evaluation of various help desk tools, AAA Carolinas chose BOSSAssist an online help desk solution from Business Oriented Software Solutions, Inc. Built on the industry acclaimed Microsoft® .NET® framework, BOSSAssist encompasses the latest technology while retaining the simplicity in its user interface, navigation and overall usability – key features that ensure technology is driven by business needs and not the other way around.

BOSSAssist is the help desk component of BOSS Support Central, an Enterprise Systems Management tool that goes beyond just workstation inventory. It incorporates software distribution, software license management, interactive remote control, reporting, and asset tracking all of which can be accessed from a single console.

BOSSAssist end users have a Web interface that can be accessed from any computer on the Internet using a secure login ID and password.

In the words of Mark Daeth, Network Support Manager for AAA Carolinas, "The web interface helps people to keep track of their ticket status online and saves time on calling the help desk every time."

This feature increases productivity of the help desk staff since they no longer receive telephone calls asking for status updates.

BOSSAssist goes beyond regular out-of-the-box software. The simple yet powerful BOSSAssist has a technician interface that provides the support team with complete information about the ticket along with the workstation inventory information and other system management tools. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, the product development team at BOSS worked with the AAA Carolinas IT team to understand their specific requirements for a help desk solution.

One such requirement was the ability to send progress updates to the end users by e-mail with appropriate notes that had been provided by the technicians. Going a step ahead, BOSS also provided AAA Carolinas the ability to customize the text and content of the e-mails to be sent.

This saves their technicians a lot of time as they do not have to remember to send status updates to their end-users.

In fulfilling such requirements, Suri Anantharama says, "The mission of BOSS is to provide solutions to customers and not just products."

BOSSAssist also gave the help desk team the ability to route the trouble tickets to the appropriate technicians without the need for any human intervention. A customizable rules engine gives the administrators the freedom to create as many rules as they require. The prompt routing of trouble tickets and instant e-mail notifications ensures no tickets slip through the cracks.

The Result
Daeth credits the technical staff from BOSS, Suri Anantharama and Anup Ravindranath, with a successful implementation.

According to Daeth, "We want to weed out the vendors who try to do business for their personal needs. BOSS worked with us as partners. Anup and Suri delivered a solution that was customized to suit our requirements exactly." With such a successful implementation, Daeth added, "A lot of other AAA clubs use Track IT but we feel BOSSAssist does a better job."

The Benefits
Direct access to the company that develops these products. Since most of their work occurs in-house, AAA could eliminate any middle contacts.
An in-house software development team that listens to the customers and provides the answers.
Customization of the product to deliver what the customer wants and not forcing the customer to take what it is given.

Anup Ravindranath, a BOSS technical engineer said, "For many years, I have relied on AAA to provide me with the necessary support when I drive my car. Today, it gives me pride to be able to support them and help drive their business more efficiently."

BOSS has been serving several AAA clubs across the USA. BOSS is an Infrastructure Management firm and specializes in IT Lifecycle Management, comprehensive Asset Management, Integrated Service Desk solutions and IT Services.

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